Supervision / Administration Division

Stacia Gower

Supervision / Administration Division
Stacia Gower

Sandra Schorr-Newton

Supervision / Administration Division Elect
Sandra Schorr-Newton


What I Love About TAEA: TAEA is my go to resource for research, information, support, and inspiration. When I was in the classroom I was the "Lone Ranger" most of the time, and it was my TAEA cohorts and the fall conferences that connected me to a state-wide net of like minded educators. As an arts administrator I continually look to my TAEA cohorts for information, support, and guidance. Truly, I LOVE everything about our professional organization!

What I Love About TAEA: I love that TAEA is a supportive, passionate, intelligent, professional, insightful, hard-working, knowledgeable, collaborative, energetic, and innovative network of incredible people that make us all better educators, administrators, and artists. Thank you TAEA! I am so thankful to be a part of this amazing professional organization.

Conference Documents

During the Supervisors Meetings at the TAEA conference, several items were developed that we hope would benefit supervisors in all districts. Below is a list of items shared.

Art Applicant Questions

Art Competitions

Safety in the Kiln Room

Elementary Kiln Room

Middle School Kiln Room

High School Kiln Room

Sr. High School Kiln Room