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Rhonda Goff

Middle School Jr High Division
Rhonda Goff

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Sara Massey

Middle School Jr High Division Elect
Sara Massey


What I Love About TAEA: Being a member of TAEA since my 4th or 5th year of teaching, I have collected invaluable advice, knowledge, motivation, and friendships. I simply cannot imagine my teaching career without it. Yes, I have local friendships with local art teachers in my community and district; however, the personal and professional connections I have garnered through TAEA have allowed me to reach a level of art education competence that is immeasurable without the collaboration and teaching of this organization. Above all, TAEA has helped me always remember why we are here! Thank you TAEA!!

What I Love About TAEA: Being connected to a community of fellow Art Educators. This is not an organization that is on paper. It is active, creative, and very present. I am amazed at the constant motivation and innovation of all members and am excited to be a part of this association.

Hi, my name is Rhonda Goff and I want to thank you for allowing me to serve as your Middle School Division Chair. I am currently an art teacher at Midway Middle School in Waco, Texas. I have taught high school and middle school art for 24 years. As a result of our collective brainstorming at conference this year, it is apparent to me that advocating for our programs and the quality of the students' art education should be at the top of our goals list. I loved reading about your ideas for maintaining the integrity of your programs and hearing about ways that you strive to reach quality art education at your schools. The state of Texas has so much to offer in the visual art for our kiddos!

As you go about having a fun filled year, please keep in mind all the things we offer to you and to students as a way of visual art support: Jr. VASE, YAM/TASA-TASB, Membership Showcase, Big Art Day/Advocacy, etc.

I am excited to represent the TAEA Middle School Division, and look forward to serving you during my term. Please send me questions and ideas about topics to share with the Division. If you maintain social media for your specific division please know that the Middle School Division Chair-Elect, Sara Massey and I will be launching a new page after the first of the year. We will keep you informed and let you know how to join the group at that time.

Talk to you soon,

Rhonda Goff

It's almost time to open the art class!

Well, summer is almost half gone, and I am sure we are all thinking about ways to dive into our new year. At the end of the school year in May, my students and I pulled EVERYTHING from the walls and even chunked some furniture. Now, its brainstorming time to decide how to revamp my art classroom. Anybody have any ideas? I am thinking "cultures of the world" as a theme / decorating motivation. Feel free to email me or tweet out any ideas or things you have tried in the past that worked for you.

In the meantime:

  • What are you doing this year to decorate/change things up in your classroom's climate?
  • Art Club / Junior Art Honor Society, etc: How are you promoting / growing these groups?
  • Planning: How do you work vertically or horizontally with other levels and subjects in your school / district?

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