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Sara Massey

Middle School Jr High Division
Sara Massey

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Isaac Thomas

Middle School Jr High Division Elect
Isaac Thomas

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What I Love About TAEA: Being connected to a community of fellow Art Educators. This is not an organization that is on paper. It is active, creative, and very present. I am amazed at the constant motivation and innovation of all members and am excited to be a part of this association.

What I Love About TAEA: I look forward every year to meeting other art educators who inspire, share ideas and experiences. The support given to art educators is amazing. Everyone is open to sharing advocacy ideas, ways to strengthen what we already do or improve areas we might feel weak in. It's exciting to learn new perspectives from educators from all over the state. The bonds created around a passion for art is so energizing and makes me excited for conference every year.

Hello fellow artists and art educators, I am Sara Massey. I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve as your Middle School/Junior High Division Chair. For the past 8 years I have been teaching studio art in Austin at Lamar Middle School Fine Arts Academy and have been the Visual Arts Director there for 4 years.

To Be Visual was and still is the best advice I have gotten from being a part of TAEA. It is a powerful statement that can help bring our art education program to the next level within the classroom, school and community. The theme for this year is Our Vision Is Clear In 2020. Building on the theme, my goal is to open communication with fellow art teachers and help each other with ideas on how to promote the Be Visual initiative. By being visual, it will be clearer to those around us how important art education really is for our future.

TAEA has so many programs in place to get you and your students involved on the campus, community, regional and state level. TASA/TASB, YAM, Jr. VASE, Big Art Day and Advocacy information and event dates can be found on the Events & Programs and Resources tabs on the top of this page.

I am excited to represent the TAEA Middle School / Junior High Division, and look forward to serving you during my term. Please send me questions and ideas about topics to share with the Division. You can email me directly or go to our social media sites. Let's #bevisual!

BE SURE to follow your Middle School Division page on Facebook and Twitter. (Twitter is much more active as Facebook is not allowed through so many firewalls.)

Twitter: @taeaMSJH, #TAEAyouthartmonth, #TAEAjrvase
Facebook: TAEA MS/JH
Instagram: taea_ms



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