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Sherry Snowden

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Kathie Walker-Millar


What I Love About TAEA: It is rewarding to be a part of the excitement that fills the space when two or more of us gather. I love the fact that we share a common passion for art and go to exceptional lengths to serve, and teach art, as an entity that enriches lives. From sharing all that TAEA, has to offer, we grow together personally and professionally, as a community, in preparing artists, teachers and leaders that will serve future generations.

Dear Collegial Friends,

It is with sincere regards that I hope 2018, is proving to be a stellar year for you and all your charges. Flashback: The TAEA, conference in Galveston, was a grand event and we had an impressive showing. At least fourteen of the sessions offered were specific to our Higher Education Division audience. This number does not reflect the additional sessions in which Higher Ed., participated in the sessions targeting "all".  A warm appreciation is extended to those who facilitated, presented and attended these sessions. Appreciation is also extended to the impressive students throughout the state, who presented at the conference. These aspiring educators and researchers, show great promise.

On another note:

Caring and concerning ourselves with a myriad of charges is something we do continuously.

For example, my New Year musings included pondering issues that we may encounter in classrooms. The lack of civility, has recently taken my interest.  Likewise, this topic has drawn special attention in academia at all levels. With good intentions, I have addressed this particular matter with pre-service educators. Positive and rewarding outcomes have been the result of candid, classroom conversations.

As we journey onward  this year, join me in earnest efforts to identify civility as a necessity in developing a professional teaching disposition. Civility in the classroom can be promoted by emphasizing the need for respect of self and others. By addressing the affective realm of academia, greater gains are to be had for the students and the learning environment.

I look forward to seeing you and your students in McAllen, November 8-10.

With respectful regards,

Sherry Snowden
Texas State University - San Marcos
Higher Education Division Chair