Retired Educators Division

Debbie Nicholas

Retired Art Educators Division
Debbie Nicholas

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What I Love About TAEA: What I love about TAEA is the opportunity to connect with art educators from across the state of Texas. The support, inspiration, and friendships from fellow members inspires me throughout the school year.
Suzanne Greene

Retired Art Educators Division Elect
Suzanne Greene

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What I Love About TAEA: Fellowship of like minded people is what drew me into TAEA. Everyone is willing to help each other and share their talents, skills, and lessons with all art teachers through Conference, Regional Conferences, and In-Services. You never feel alone because you have your TAEA family to reach out to when you need help. I was helped and now want to give back. I love the excitement that happens when art teachers work together, have fun together, and learn together. We all advocate for our programs and TAEA is here to help all do this.

Welcome to the TAEA Retired Educators Division Page. As your Division Chair I am excited to represent you and look forward to serving you during my term.

We will continue to make efforts to serve that need as well as others that you, as members, would like us to address.

If you are recently retired or retiring soon, please contact me and I will let you know how to get your status changed.

As your Division Chair I will be happy to answer any questions you have regarding TAEA programs and activities or our Division. Please send your questions to me and I will answer them or redirect you to someone who can help.


Texas Art Education Outreach

TAEO promotes and offers successful quality art education support to Texas art educators through mentoring and professional development presentations.

  • What can you do to help the members you serve?
  • Do you know a good presenter?
  • Do you know someone who would be a great mentor?
  • Can you send information from people who reach out to you?
  • Can you reach out to other art educators?

TAEO can help with presenters and mentors.

Let's help each other to prepare, support, and encourage Texas art educators.

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