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Walter Holland

Retired Art Educators Division
Walter Holland

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What I Love About TAEA: The Texas Art Education Association is a community promoting artists, Art Education, and artist educators through programs designed to give each of us life long support through artistic opportunities and training.

This year started off with the loss of Robert Parker, right after the Galveston conference. The Retired Division will continue with the Retired Division's Symposium at Blinn college in Brenham June 9, 2020. It will be dedicated to Robert Parker's memory. We want to invite everyone that is retired and thinking of retiring. This year's symposium will continue to be dedicated to the growth of the artistic person within us and we continue to make efforts to serve that need as well as other needs that you as members would like us to address. If you think of something that we need to be doing please share it with us when you come to the symposium. We will have artists and artist educators present their artist skills that they use in their studios. If you think of anything that we could do to help make you a stronger member of Texas Art Education Association please feel free to send an email letting me know your suggestions.

We will continue these activities through our conferences and symposiums through this new decade.

Since I'm an active artist traveling around the state, working on my art, producing things for myself and others, at times there may be a bit of time before my response. Let's get together and make a big effort to continue developing our skills and influencing the broader art community through our efforts.