Student Division

Israel Gonzalez

Student Division
Israel Gonzalez


What I Love About TAEA: TAEA is a group that not only promotes art education, but leadership as well. I always felt like I could do more, and TAEA has given me the opportunity to serve students like myself and to become the leader I want to be.

Hello teachers!

It is an honor to be serving the future of Texas art education. I'd like to personally thank you for pursuing art education. What you're doing for your future students and their learning is incredible, I hope you find the resources you're looking for on our site as TAEA has a lot to offer: You should look forward to the TAEA conferences that are held every year. I would love to meet with you and discuss art education student needs, or if you'd rather discuss over email I'd be happy to. If you want to start leading, there are opportunities for you to lead your own workshops at conferences as well. Joining TAEA is only the first step, from then on, you will get out what you put in to this organization. Take a leap into leadership, there are plenty of members who would be more than happy to guide and help you to the best of our ability.

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Have a great day,

Israel Gonzalez