President's Message — Linh Nguyen

Linh Nguyen

Fellow Colleagues,

It is with much honor that I serve as your president. I am truly blessed to be able to work alongside an Executive Board that will be laser-focused on providing you, our members, the necessary resources and support so you can be the best in providing our students every opportunity to be successful in the arts.

As an organization, we have established incredible standards, goals, and programs that we will continue to advance and perfect. We look forward to building a "TAEA Community of Artists" that will be a voice and support for each other, as we continue to navigate into the future and tell our story. Many of you will be asked to join in this conversation and develop a mechanism that will provide a platform of communication across the state. We are our best resources, and we must make a commitment to share that knowledge. Florence Dibell Bartlett once said, "The art of the craftsman is a bond between the peoples of the world." Through building relationships and a shared philosophy, TAEA will be servant leaders with conviction and intentionality. We will be Art Strong!

Thank you for the opportunity to serve as your presiding president. We look forward to making connections with you, and I challenge you to do the same. Let's make this a GREAT organization!


Linh Nguyen
TAEA President 2023-2025