The Distinguished Fellows of the Texas Art Education Association

Established in 1993

In 1993, the Texas Art Education Association established a category of membership entitled THE DISTINGUISHED FELLOWS OF THE TEXAS ART EDUCATION ASSOCIATION, beginning with 15 Charter Members.  Sadly, only two of those original charter Members are still with us today. However, their contributions live on within this association and beyond through many practices, scholarships, and leadership. Nominations for consideration are generated only through the Distinguished Fellows at their annual business meeting.

TAEA confers this prestigious title DISTINGUISHED FELLOW on members who have made significant, long-term, and distinguished contributions to the work of the association and to the advancement of the art education profession. One purpose of the establishment of this category of membership in TAEA was to capture the "Intellectual, Artistic, and Leadership Capital" possessed by these individuals and maintain their scholarly contributions as the elders, or Wisdom Keepers of this tribe. This is truly a lifetime achievement award and TAEA's Hall of Honor.

As an advisory group of committed professional art educators for long-term TAEA sustained development, financial growth, and policy issues that relate to the history and continuity of the goals of TAEA;  the Distinguished Fellows have been active in the development of many programs such as VASE, the Leadership Conferences, the newly formed TAEA Foundation, the Distinguished Fellows Spring Retreat,  the Distinguished Fellows, Janet Fox Memorial Legacy Library, where countless art books and resources have been donated by members to raise scholarship funds for teachers, and the TAEA Outreach Program that brings free, quality professional development to small and rural districts. The Distinguished Fellows contributions rest in the foundation of this organization and they stand as the giants on who's shoulders this membership stands on today.

Nomination alone is an incredible honor, induction represents the very pinnacle of recognition by your professional colleagues. Distinguished Fellows are the Hall of Honor Members of the Texas Art Education Association.

Sort by Year

Year Name
2016 Donna Andrich
2003 Keith Arney
2022 Pam Arnold
2022 Christina Bain
2013 Mel Basham
1996 Dale Battle (Deceased)
Charter Julia Beckham (Deceased)
2023 Gretchen Bell-Young
2015 Walter Scott Benson, III
2016 Jami Bevans
2005 Georgia Blaydes
2016 Paul Bolin
2019 Jackie Brewer
2021 Nicole Brisco
1996 Cindy Broderick
2023 Madelene Buzan
1998 Sara Chapman
2023 Dr. Sharon Chumley
2021 Karri Clark
Charter James Clarke
Charter Lourena Cook (Deceased)
2015 Joe Culotta
Charter D. Jack Davis
2023 Maureen Doebbler
2010 Joey Doyle (Deceased)
2006 Linda Eshom
2006 Cheryl Evans
2008 Dr. Tina Farrell
1995 Rebecca Felts (Deceased)
2022 Joan Finn
2013 Linda Fleetwood
Charter Janet Fox (Deceased)
Charter Bill D. Francis (Deceased)
2023 Steve Franklin
2007 Juan Garcia (Deceased)
1995 Pauline Gawlik-Piper (Deceased)
2023 Jonnie Gilliam
2021 Stacia Gower
2022 Christine Grafe
2011 Suzanne Greene
Charter Horathel Hall-Jones (Deceased)
2011 Donna Rae Harris (Deceased)
2013 Kathy Hendrick
2021 Mary Hierholzer
2005 Walter Holland
2009 Jennifer Janak
2009 Olive Jensen-Theisen (Deceased)
1997 Patricia Jones
2021 Michaelann Kelley
2016 Ricia Kerber
2004 Martha Kiel
Charter Amy Freeman Lee (Deceased)
1999 Daphna Lilienstern (Deceased)
Charter Bill Lockhart (Deceased)
2016 Tim Lowke
2007 Kristen Marstaller
2008 Susan Mayer (Deceased)
2004 Emma Lea Mayton
2005 Gloria McCoy
2015 Samantha Melvin
1995 Nancy Miller
Charter Phyllis Miller (Deceased)
1997 Marvin Moon (Deceased)
2021 Betsy Murphy
2019 Dr. Kari Murphy
2022 Sandra Newton
2004 Robert W Parker (Deceased)
Charter Marvin Platten (Deceased)
2019 Shannon Raygoza
2022 Victor Raygoza
2004 Katherine Reid
Charter Jeanne Rollins (Deceased)
2011 Roberta Sajda
2010 Sarah Sanders
2003 Kay Savay
2009 Rhonda Sherrill
1995 Trois Taylor
Charter Mary Pearl Temple (Deceased)
2019 Nancy Walkup
Charter Alice Webb (Deceased)
2021 Sherry White
2006 Janice Wiggins
2006 Elizabeth Willett
Charter Ida Nell Williams (Deceased)
2010 Fred Woody