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TAEA is a group of dedicated and passionate art educators and administrators who come together for a common goal — our children. Come join us in our quest to make Texas a leader in art education.

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Welcome to TAEA


TAEA's mission is to promote quality visual arts education in Texas by promoting visual arts education as an integral part of the curriculum through professional development of knowledge and skills, representation of the art educators of Texas, service and leadership opportunities, and research and development of policies and decisions relative to practices and directions in visual arts education; to sustain and advance professional development; to encourage and promote the advancement of knowledge and skills.



We offer students a variety of programs like YAM, VASE, and TASA / TASB. And we proudly display their artwork in our galleries!



We learn from the TAEA Fall Conference, Book Studies, Leadership Scholars and Retreat, etc. In addition, TAEA provides Job Listings, Web Resources, the Annual Members Art Show, and more.



We advocate through several initiatives, like Big Art Day, District of Distinction, Scholarship programs, and Awards.



We connect our members through our governing bodies, publications, TAEO, NAEA, CEDFA, Texas Cultural Trust, Fellows, Job Search, and more.

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Higher Logic — Coming to TAEA in November!

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TAEA members, you are our biggest asset, and we want to empower you to get involved with your association through a powerful online community of life-long learners. Through Higher Logic, you will be provided the opportunity to be engaged and inspired in your art education journey with other art professionals across Texas! Stay tuned for more information.

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TAEA's website has a ton of content — new and old! There are two great options for finding what you're looking for. Check out our A-Z Listing or the Google Site Search to find what you need.