President's Message

Suzy Greene

How time flies. I have now been serving for a year and it went by in a blink.

Amanda Batson, Laura Grundler, Linh Nguyen, Myron Stennett, and secret agent Becca Bailey, each of you made a difference in the Dallas Conference. This was the first to have four co-chairs, the first to reach the highest attendance we have ever had, and the first to have meetings via FaceTime. You taught me a new way of looking at conference and Galveston 2017 is going to give you competition.

To all TAEA Workshop Presenters — I heard so many great things about what you taught and did. HUGE thank you and Bravo to each of you. We as art teachers are so willing to share our talents, ideas, and skills with others — It makes me proud to say I am an ART Educator. Now I challenge you to add your lesson plan to our Best Practices & Lesson Plans.

The Galveston 2017 planning is well underway and we have a lot of new ideas and surprises. Cheryl Evans, Gretchen Bell, Stacia Gower, and Ram Estrada are the leaders for this conference as we welcome all back to the Island. Registration will open September 1, 2017, and hotel registration is already open. Look for the conference logo to get the information you need. Applications for conference workshops, walk up workshops, silent auction, Artisan's market will be coming your way in early April.

We are continuing to strengthen and expand our strong art education network to benefit all art education programs. It starts with you. Together we can continue what we started under Tim's Presidency to reach out, connect, and start conversations about how your leaders can help you. Mel will continue this come November when I step down. The future of TAEA is in strong hands.

Respect Inspire Reach Advocate

I feel honored to be working with each of you and please contact me whenever you have a question or need help. I am here to be part of the team.

Suzanne Greene
Texas Art Education Association