Membership / Event Registration

Membership Fees

  1. Active: $55
  2. Associate: $44
  3. Retired: $20
  4. Student: $20
  5. Sustaining: $44
  6. Institutional: $275

TAEA members must be Active, Associate, or Institutional in order to participate in VASE / Junior VASE / TEAM events. If you are already a member and need to upgrade your membership, please contact the TAEA Office.

Interested in learning why you should TAEA, or looking for a simple brochure that will help explain the benefits of TAEA membership to your supervisor? Click here to download a 2-page brochure. And click here for a 2-page brochure for the Visual Arts Scholastic Event program.

TAEA Membership Application

The TAEA Membership Application process is a 4 step process.

  1. Provide personal information.
  2. Provide your professional information and select the membership type.
  3. Provide payment information.
  4. Print / save receipt for your records.

New Members

If you are not an existing / previous member and wish to register click Next.