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2019 State VASE Event

San Marcos High School

April 26-27, 2019

San Marcos High School
San Marcos Consolidated School District
2601 Rattler Road
San Marcos, TX 78666

High School VASE State Information

Welcome to the State Visual Arts Scholastic Event!

This is the culminating event of a year of hard work and creative genius on behalf of the art students, teachers, and administrators in Texas!!! This event begins with each of the Regional Events scheduled during the months of January and February. The State of Texas is divided into 20 Education Regional Service Centers. These regions serve as the dividing boundaries for participation in the regional events. Students in the various regions are invited to participate in their Regional Event. The students are interviewed and their artworks are juried by certified, professional TAEA jurors. A Rating IV is the mark of a superior, exemplary, work of art. This qualifies the student to be entered in to the VASE Area Event. After the jury process is complete the artworks that qualify to participate are then processed for the State Event.

The State Event is held annually in April. At the event, students and teachers are given a warm welcome and the event schedule for the day. While the artworks are being juried, the students are participating in professional workshops, lectures, slide presentations, demonstrations, and outdoor sketching opportunities. The event is intended to provide a forum for art teachers and students to meet and to grow artistically and personally.

All of the entries are exhibited and open for viewing after the jury process has been completed. This provides opportunities for students to view the works of other student artists and to see the vast talents and fresh ideas of other students their age. The Awards Ceremony is the exciting end to a long day! Students and teachers eagerly await the results of the jury panel. It is an awesome sight to see these young people burst into shouts of joy for each other when their name is called at the Award Ceremonies. This recognition represents the pinnacle of artistic success in the VASE program. This work of art has now been juried through three levels and has received the Superior Rating IV. Each student receiving a Superior Rating is draped with the VASE State Medallion. Many art students are now lettering in the Visual Arts and are receiving letter jackets and chenille patches.

The State Visual Arts Scholastic Event is the highlight of the VASE events. We look forward to seeing the exciting works of art and the artistic growth of the students and art programs in Texas. Get your students involved today!

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