TEAM — Overview


A TAEA visual arts event recognizing exemplary elementary student artwork.


Any elementary teacher that is a current TAEA member may enter works of as many students as you wish, but no more than 2 works per individual student.


Each individual entry will require a $12 entry fee to cover cost of judging, webmaster, accounting, certificates, ribbons and medals and/or handling.




All work, forms, and fees must be received by the date for your Regional Event.

Each Work Must Include

  • A Student Agreement and Artwork Release Form
  • A Student Intent and Artwork Identification Form
  • An entry fee

Forms — All Online

  • The Student Intent and Artwork Identification form — tape securely on the back of the artwork.
  • Student Agreement and Artwork Release form — Paperclip all together with the Entry Certification form and place in large envelope.
  • Bring work in portfolio that is clearly labeled with your name, school, and district.

Suggestions for Selecting Artwork for Contest

  • A variety of works of art is encouraged (processes, techniques, media or themes).
  • Similar looking projects are discouraged.
  • Try to stay away from entering only one assignment.
  • Select pieces from multiple grade levels and grading periods.


By grade level based on TEAM standards. (See Adjudication Process.)


All entries will receive a certificate and either a ribbon or a medal.

  • Participation ribbons or medals will be awarded according to rating.
  • Certificates will be printed by the participating teacher.
  • All works receiving an exemplary rating will receive a medal.
  • All other entries will receive participation ribbons.
  • Top 10% of works will receive Top of Team certificate and possibly have work placed on the TAEA website.
  • Letters of congratulations will go to the principals.