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Please Note: There must be a director for your region in order for a teacher to participate. If there is no director, you may apply or email to find out how to make this wonderful opportunity available to students in your area.

Mission Statement

The purpose of TEAM is to provide a collegiate assessment for an individual elementary art student based on the standards of TEKS, Bloom's Taxonomy and the Feldman Model. Additionally, TEAM provides constructive criticism (actual feedback) for the student's literary and expressive process.

Join the TEAM

On April 25, 2009, TAEA achieved another milestone in the long road to providing exemplary opportunities for art teachers and students in the state! It piloted the first ever standards based Elementary Art Event. Using the quality and standards of VASE as a model, the elementary event was uniquely designed to accommodate the needs and learning styles of the elementary student.

The program is designed with the following goals:

  • To recognize elementary art students in the state
  • To recognize quality elementary art instruction
  • To recognize art instructors for providing student opportunities
  • To inform school administrators of the contributions being made on behalf of their art instructors and define a standards based program
  • To reinforce state and national standards in elementary art programs
  • To increase TAEA membership at the elementary level
  • To provide the same benefits to TAEA members in the elementary division that are experienced at secondary
  • Encourage students to elect visual arts classes at secondary levels
  • To provide a safe venue for a quality program that achieves all of the above

Participating teachers receive the following: Certificates for all participating students, award ribbons for entries receiving a rating Good or Grow, and medals for those that rated Exemplary, a juror rating form on each entry (like VASE there are 2 glows and a grow), a commendation letter to the principal, an evaluation form to be completed by the teacher, and a list of the "Top of the Team" (top 10%) works that will possibly be on the TAEA web page.

The juror form is based on the state art TEKS and has 3 ratings: exemplary, good and growing. Jurors are all experienced art educators that understood the needs of the elementary student.

For questions about TEAM, contact:

Tracey Hall, State Director of TEAM

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