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Pencil Portrait Of Boy Reaching
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State Directors of VASE

The Directors of VASE work together in conjunction with the TAEA Executive Board to facilitate the TAEA VASE program.

Tracey Hall

TEAM State Director — Tracey Hall

Responsibilities: TEAM Regional Directors, Student Gallery for TEAM, Finance and Budget, Oversees TEAM Regional Events.

What I Love About TAEA: I love being part of a supportive passionate group of people who do what we do for the students! A group who promotes the arts where every student can be successful. A group that is full of new ideas, encourages, and supports every member!

Suzy Greene

Junior VASE State Director — Suzy Greene

Responsibilities: JRVASE Regional Directors, Student Gallery for JrVASE, Finance and Budget, Oversees JrVASE Regional Events.

What I Love About Junior VASE: Since the late 90s when I was asked to be a presenter for State VASE workshops in Arlington, I was hooked. As a middle school teacher, of course I said "yes". Working with the best of the best — yes, I will. That's all it took. I love being part of this event, whether it is regional or state, JV, HS, or TEAM — I am always amazed at what the students produce and how passionate they are about what they have created. Reading what they write or say about their work has really made me feel like I know this artist. I saw how JV improved the work my students were doing and how eager they were to be able to attend the regional event.

Chris Cooper

High School VASE State Director — Chris Cooper

Responsibilities: High School VASE Regional Directors, Student Gallery for High School VASE, Finance and Budget, Oversees High School VASE Regional Events.

What I Love About TAEA: I love being a part of the TAEA family. No place else can I find such a positive, supportive group of creatives who never fail to inspire me, and who all share a mission: tirelessly sharing and advocating for Visual Arts across our state, and faithfully inspiring the creative potential of our next generation.

Sarah Pagona

High School State Event Director — Sarah Pagona

Responsibilities: State Event Coordination, Oversees State Event Foremen and Directors

What I Love About TAEA: I love that TAEA brings together passionate and creative teachers, gives them tools for improving instruction, opportunities for leadership development, and events for their students to shine, all while still conducting business like a family! Through art we are building a better future!

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