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State Directors of VASE

The Directors of VASE work together in conjunction with the TAEA Executive Board to facilitate the TAEA VASE program.

Photo of Tracey Hall

TEAM State Director — Tracey Hall

Responsibilities: TEAM Regional Directors, Student Gallery for TEAM, Finance and Budget, Oversees TEAM Regional Events.

What I Love About TAEA: I love being part of a supportive passionate group of people who do what we do for the students! A group who promotes the arts where every student can be successful. A group that is full of new ideas, encourages, and supports every member!

Photo of Larry West

Junior VASE State Director — Larry West

Responsibilities: JRVASE Regional Directors, Student Gallery for JRVASE, Finance and Budget, Oversees JRVASE Regional Events.

What I Love About Junior VASE: I love TAEA for the ability to share ideas and see "best practices" by great people that are STUDENT CENTERED. Being involved with TAEA is like the right hand of being an Art Educator in TEXAS and beyond!

Photo of Chris Cooper

High School VASE State Director — Chris Cooper

Responsibilities: High School VASE Regional Directors, Student Gallery for High School VASE, Finance and Budget, Oversees High School VASE Regional Events.

What I Love About TAEA: I love being a part of the TAEA family. No place else can I find such a positive, supportive group of creatives who never fail to inspire me, and who all share a mission: tirelessly sharing and advocating for Visual Arts across our state, and faithfully inspiring the creative potential of our next generation.

Photo of Amy Semifero

High School State Event Director — Amy Semifero

Responsibilities: State Event Coordination, Oversees State Event Foremen and Directors

What I Love About TAEA: I love how being a member of TAEA allows me to continue to hone my craft as an art educator and leader. Participation in this organization has given me the knowledge necessary to give my students the most relevant art experiences possible. By encouraging my students to participate in VASE, their artistic efforts and creative solutions are recognized on both the regional and state level which also builds their confidence and love for the visual arts.

Photo of Tim Lowke

State Jury Lead — Tim Lowke

Responsibilities: Oversees Regional and State Event Jury Foremen.

What I Love About TAEA: What I love about TAEA is the connections we make as art educators through the programs, events and initiatives of the Association. My career and work with students, faculty and community has been heavily impacted by my experiences with the annual conference, the VASE program, Youth Art Month and the collegial relationships and friendships I have developed since my first conference in 1988!