TEAM — Teacher Manual

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Rules & Policies

The following is not an exhaustive list of TEAM rules and policies. For that, please view the TEAM Rules & Policies (PDF). The following are simply some important highlights from that more complete list.


TEAM artwork is assigned to the grade level the student is currently enrolled.

All Artwork

  • Artwork Title should be a unique, creative title for the artwork.

    The titles need to be a one-of-a-kind

    • Painting at Lake Blue
    • Valued drawing of a dream
    • Abstract in blue and red fields
    • Portrait of Amy acting silly
    • My self-portrait in blue
    • Still life of Mexico

    No generic titles are acceptable:

    • Painting
    • Drawing #1
    • Abstract
    • Portrait
    • Self-portrait
    • Still life
  • No untitled artwork.

Specifications for 2D Artwork

  • The artwork cannot exceed 24 x 36, including the matte.
  • All artworks must be dry or fixed.

Specifications for 3D Artwork

  • 3D work must be sturdy and able to stand alone without support.
  • If a sculpture has a base, the base must be attached.


  • Artwork should be created solely and exclusively by the student.
  • All works must be original works; no pattern art or copy work. Teachers will certify the artwork is original by signing the entry form.
  • Students may copy a photograph as long as it is a photograph taken by the student artist or is student-directed.
  • Artwork cannot be a copy or reproduction of a published image, photograph, how-to- book, "step-by step follow me instructions assignment", magazine, art history image, Pinterest image, or from the Internet.
  • Artwork cannot be created by tracing with overhead / opaque projector or by any other technical means.
  • Optional: to attach reference image to the back of the artwork.

*See tips on selecting artwork in the TEAM Overview.

Disqualification Policy

Artworks not meeting the TEAM entry and eligibility regulations will be disqualified. Disqualified artwork will receive a DQ on the Regional Juror Rating Form; however, the student will still receive comments (glow / grow) from the juror.

Artwork may be disqualified if one of more of the following is violated:

  • Teacher is not a member in good standing with TAEA.
  • The official information on any of the student paperwork has been altered.
  • The description on the Student Intent & Artwork Identification Form does not reflect the artwork.
  • Teacher fails to fulfill payment by the event date.
  • Official paperwork was not turned in with the artworks.
  • Regional Entry Certification Form is not signed by the principal.
  • 2D or 3D artwork does fulfill the rules.
  • Artwork does not fulfill the definition of an original artwork.

Damage Or Loss Policy

While every effort will be made to prevent damage to any work of art, neither TAEA nor the host School/District will be held responsible for the theft, loss, or damage of works entered in TEAM.