TEAM — Adjudication Process

TEAM artwork is assigned to the grade level the student is currently enrolled.


Each event will have a team of qualified jurors composed of certified public school art educators and supervisors.

Adjudication Criteria

  1. The Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (State Board of Education, Chapter 117) will form the nucleus of the evaluation standards for the juried Visual Art Event.

  2. Artwork should demonstrate proficiency in the following categories:

    • Critical Thinking
    • Aesthetic Judgment
    • Analysis
    • Awareness of Natural and Manufactured Environment
    • Influence - Cultural Heritage, Art History
    • Elements of Art and Principles of Design
    • Technical Skills and Execution
    • Problem-solving and creative skills
  3. Artwork will be evaluated on the following criteria:

    1. Personal Expression / Purpose (This is why I did the artwork, and What it means to me?)
      There is evidence of problem solving, critical thinking, imagination, individuality.

    2. Technique (How I created the artwork?)
      The student exhibits understanding of the processes used by demonstrating control of the materials and tools in the composition at an age appropriate level.

    3. Craftsmanship (What does the end product look like, and how well I did the artwork?)
      There is evidence in the artwork of the student's skill in the uses of media and tools producing a quality product reflecting neatness and comprehension.

    4. Elements of Art and Principles of Design (What Elements of Art and Principals of Design are present in the artwork?)
      The student understands and organizes the elements of art and principals of design appropriate with their instruction.

Adjudication Procedure

  1. The participating teacher will submit the artwork for her students with all the required paperwork attached.
  2. All the artwork submitted for the event will be separated by grade level.
  3. The artwork will be adjuticated according to the expectations of that grade level.
  4. The artwork will receive a score based on a point system of 3 (highest- exemplary), 2 (good) and 1 (lowest- growing) in each category.
  5. The overall scoring will be as follows: Exemplary rating (9-12), Good (5-8), and Growing (1-4).
  6. The juror will include written comments with suggestions (2 glows and a grow).
  7. The juror's decision is final.


  • Certificates will be awarded to Top of the TEAM and the images will be on the TEAM website.
  • Medals will be issued to all Exemplary rated works of art.
  • Ribbons will be awarded to Good and Growing rated works of art.