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High School VASE — Overview


A TAEA-sponsored Visual Arts event recognizing exemplary high school student artwork.


Any high school art teacher who is a current TAEA member may enter artworks from as many students as he/she wishes, but no more than 2 works per individual student.


Each individual entry will require a $17 entry fee to cover cost of judging, webmaster, accounting, and medals.


All students and their artwork travel to the High School VASE Regional Event, location set annually by the regional director.


All fees must be paid by the date of your event. All art and forms will be brought to the event with the students and teacher.

Each Work Must Include

  • A Student Intent and Artwork Identification Form (completed online, printed, and attached to the artwork).
  • A Reference PDF compiled by the student (completed online, printed, and attached to the artwork).
  • Student Agreement and Artwork Release Forms will be signed so the teacher may turn them in at the event in order for entries to be judged.
  • A photograph of the artwork (uploaded into the online entry).
  • An entry fee sent to TAEA together with your invoice in advance, by the stated due date.

Attaching Forms

  • The Student Intent and Artwork Identification form — 2D: tape securely on the back of the artwork (all four sides), along with student Reference PDF. 3D: Attach to the 3D artwork along with student Reference PDF (folded into quarters, attached to a piece of cardboard or poster board, and attached to the 3D artwork with string or wire). Tape a blank copy of the intent form along with a photo of the artwork on the box (also applies to 2D relief artwork that needs a box). Only the top identification portion of this form is needed.
  • Reference PDF — this form is compiled by the student according to VASE Rules & Policies, and uploaded into the student entry. It is then printed and attached to the artwork entry (see above).

Suggestions for Selecting Artwork for Contest

  • A variety of works of art are encouraged. (processes, techniques, media or themes)
  • Similar-looking projects are discouraged.
  • Try to stay away from entering only one assignment in any level.


By individual jurors based on VASE standards. (See Adjudication Process in the High School VASE Rules & Policies, pages 8-10.)


All entries will receive a certificate and Rating 4 artworks receive a Regional medal.

  • All artworks receiving a Rating of 4 will advance to Area Judging, held at the end of the meet.
  • Top 10% of each division (level) of the Area-qualified artworks will be selected to advance to the State VASE Event.

Pick up artwork and medals at the end of the event.