State VASE — Student Workshops and Portfolio Review

All State VASE attending students will select 2 sessions. This can be a workshop and workshop, workshop and portfolio review, etc. All workshops, scholarship/sketchbook workshops, and portfolio review are at San Marcos High School. Teachers must mark students as "Y — Yes" attending VASE in order to for students to be able to register for workshops. Workshop registration begins 3/28/2018 at 4:00 PM.

"ROCKIN" CHAIRS (Drawing) by Sherry Snowden
In a round-robin-type of setting, students will use contour line to draw assorted miniature chairs, from direct observation. They will rapidly capture attributes of each unique chair and use a variety of water media to add character to their colorful, creative compositions.
2-D Scholarship Workshop (2D) by Teri Yasger
2-D Scholarship Workshop is open to all divisions and consists of two sessions. Students will be given a prompt from which an original composition will be created using an assortment of various art media and tools. Compositions will be judged by a panel of artists based on originality, technical expertise and personal expression. All materials will be provided. Monetary scholarships will be awarded in each division.
3-D Scholarship Workshop (3D) by Patrick Woodruff
Participants will receive a prompt to address a design objective in 3 dimensions using clay as a medium. Entries will compete for scholarships!
A Song For You (Drawing) by Diane Schwaighofer
The workshop member will choose a title from 2017's "hot" songs to show sensitivity and imagination in a creative work.
Acrylic Portrait Painting Workshop (Painting) by Steve Ko
I'll be showing demonstration on how to paint portrait painting using acrylic paint in classical way. It will be full 75 min. demonstration and lecture. Students will see from beginning stage to final stage of portrait painting process. Students are more than welcome to record(or take pictures of) the process.
Adding Drama with Costumes by FIDM College of California (Drawing) by Kelly Blessing
Students will hear interviews from leading Costume Designers and they will participate in excercisies to identify character, setting, theme, mood and plot as intereprated through costume. We will look at how Costume Designers play a large part in the developement of the character. Costume Designers study the history of clothing and film and understand fashion illustration and color theory. Students will be given an in-depth view of costume design and participate in a workshop by developing a character/s for specific film genre using a 9 Head fashion figure also know as a Croquis.
Alla Prima (Painting) by Sharon Willcutts
Explore additive and subtractive painting techniques through Alla Prima. Students will learn to create a painting in one sitting using wet on wet applications of paint while subtracting lights and adding darks.
Art: Inside-Out (Mixed Media) by Wendy Brantley
This session focuses on teaching the concepts of anatomy through artistic design. It offers a 3D approach with basic sculpting techniques combined with a 2D value study. Students learn to re-create incredibly realistic wounds accurately using basic allergen-free kitchen ingredients on their skin. They will be captivated as they learn how to replicate burns, compound fractures, impalements and lacerations in various stages of decomposition or healing. They will connect visually to studies of anatomy vocabulary and the healing process. It is a hands-on session they will remember for a life-time.
B.Y.O.P. Raku Firing (Ceramic) by Daniel Rodriguez
Students bring their own bisque fired ceramic piece to raku fire. Pieces MUST be bisque fired prior to the event, made of raku clay or a stoneware with grog, no larger than 4X4 inchs in footprint and no taller than 12 inches in height. Students must wear closed toed shoes and jeans & bring a pair of safety goggles.
Black Light Portraits (Photography) by Jaime Sonnier
Create stunning portraits using costumes, glow in the dark paint and makeup. Use your Iphone or a camera.
Building Layers with Tyvek (Mixed Media) by Ann-Denise Anderson
Tyvek falls into one of those astounding "happy accident" categories where someone discovered that heating tyvek causes it to distort, wrinkle and rearrange itself into amazing shapes and textures. It's the perfect invitation for mixed media and fiber artists to begin exploring and experimenting with it.
Calligraphy - The Italic Hand (Calligraphy) by Angie Vangalis
Students learn how to hold a broad-edge calligraphy pen using a 3.0mm marker. Proportions, Pen Hold, Pen Angle, Writing Angle and the minuscule alphabet will be covered.
Carving Maori Pendants with Sgraffito (Sculpture) by RJ Christensen
Students will learn about Maori culture while learning to carve a traditional pendant in clay. Embellishments to the carvings will be created using sgraffito technique. Sponsored by AMACO Glazes.
Chemigram/Lumen prints (Photography ) by Laurie Emery, Sarah Hartman
Students will create non-darkroom images using chemicals, resists, natural materials and sunlight.
Chiaroscuro Still Life (Drawing) by Joshua Lewis
The workshop will focus on teaching advanced drawing techniques to build upon student's foundation understanding of drawing. Chiaroscuro, the intensifying of highlights and shadows to enhance the rendering of forms, will be the primary focus of the workshop, but will also cover sighting, composition planning, and "drawing as seeing" and "seeing as understanding"
Chopstick, Hot Glue and a Magic Wand (Sculpture) by Chad Taylor
Build your own Fantasy Wand. Begin with your imagination, add a chopstick and some hot glue and let you imagination run wild. Design, build and paint your own Magic Wand. Take it to the next level and spread a little Kindness.
Design Your Own Logo: Building the Basics (Drawing) by Helen Lavie
Learn brainstorming techniques and strong design skills to use as you create your own logo during this session.
Dragon Eyes (Mixed Media) by Lisa Gregory
Paint Dragon or other creature eyes with recycled cds and glue to paper. Create scale or other pattern around the eye with marker designs. Create 3d paper sculpture lids or other details around the eye. This creates stunning eyes with paper sculptures lids, etc.
Economizing Art (Mixed Media) by John Falcon, Amanda Rogers, Emily Berger
Using cheap or easily accessible materials (for example: mud, blueberries for media and branches for application) to create art to teach student to think outside of the box and allow the student to realize that even if you can't afford materials, there are still ways to produce and make art.
Embarking the journey of Studio Photography and Editing (Photography) by Evanne Nasypany
In this session students will explore photography in a creative studio setting and get to a chance to work a bit of photoshop and lightroom edting! Please bring your camera, a card reader if you have one and any props you may want to shoot with. Get ready to get creative and have fun in a fabulous photoshoot.
Embroidery 101 (Textiles/Fiber) by Elyse Grams
Make and take an embroidery sampler with a variety of different stitches and techniques. No prior stitching knowledge required, bring future project ideas and sketches for problem solving tips.
Encaustic on Wood (Painting) by Kimberly Glasgow
Students will experiment with new techniques and painting with melted wax.
Exploring fibers as medium and accent (Fibers) by Tess Stilwell
This workshop focuses on embroidery skills to use alone or as an accent in a mixed medium piece. Embroidery is having a modern resurgence, and we will also look at some contemporary fiber artists to see how they use this medium in their work.
Extraordinary out of the Ordinary (Sculpture) by Valerie Lichtenberger, Lori Lee
This workshop focuses on combining traditional art techniques like drawing, painting and collage with everyday materials to create an extraordinary bas-relief inspired mixed media collage. Using corrugated cardboard as their canvas, participants will be taught various ways to incorporate printed paper materials like road maps, newsprint, and other textured paper onto corrugated cardboard. Participants will also explore paper staining using coffee, tea, and ink to create textures to incorporate into their collage. This workshop is for those interested in collage, carving and bas-relief design.
Face it, Casting is easy (Sculpture) by Jason Moodie, Emily Halbardier, Courtney Werden, Amy Gardziel
Come learn about some fun and easy casting methods using clay, plaster, and silicone.
Finishing Surfaces (Mixed Media) by Joel DeLong, Anna Guillory
Students will learn how to use texture and painting techniques to create interesting surfaces for finishing sculptures or using as substrates for collage work.
Gelli Plate Mix Media Printmaking (Printmaking) by Krista Richard
Students will learn how to make mono-prints using the Gelli plates, textured sheets and paper cutouts.
Handcrafted Scratch-paper Mandalas (Drawing) by Alyssa Lopez
Students will make their own scratch paper using crayons and black paint mixed with laundry detergent. After it dries, they will scratch their mandala design into their paper with a skewer.
Horror Vacui (Fear of Empty Space Drawing) (Drawing) by Blake Bishop
"Horror Vacui" is an artistic expression meaning "a fear or dislike of leaving empty spaces". This workshop simply invites illustrators, graffiti artists, cartoonists and abstract expressionists to apply markers on paper to draw, draw and draw some more until all is left is a surface of filled to the max with their creative genius!
Ink Splot Drawings (Drawing) by Astrid Bell
Just a simple drop of Ink and a can of compressed air can spark your creativity. What can you turn it into? Use pen to add to the ink spot and colored pencils and watercolor to make it complete.
Lettering/Calligraphy Art (Drawing) by Noe Garza
Students will create original lettering/calligraphy works of art
Little Faces (Sculpture) by Megan Harris
Student will learn how to sculpt a small face out of stoneware clay by making a paper armature, pinching a face form and sculpting the features of the face. How to sculpt the eyes, nose and mouth will be demonstrated, and students will get to make their own little face to take home.
Mixed Media Fashion Illustration (Mixed Media) by Heema Mistry
During this workshop you will learn the basics of fashion illustration. Stylized figures dressed in chic garments are the center of the fashion industry. Use your creativity to design outfits for any style. You will also learn techniques to add mixed media to your illustrations.
My Burning Art! (Mixed Media) by Horacio Ramirez
Experience Pyrography Art by using a wood burning tool with various tips, each designed to create different patterns on a small piece of sanded wood that can later be stained or painted, and varnished. The creativity with this medium is endless.
My Future's so Bright, I've Gotta Wear Shades (Painting) by Melanie Hunt
Students will learn the about the versatality of Shiva Oil sticks and how to use them through finger blending, brush marks and mark-making. Students will create a "partial" portrait of a person in sunglasses. (Each student should bring original photo references and cardboard (18" x 24")
Painting on Tiles (Painting) by Carol Rose
Students will create unique symmetrical or assymmetrical designs, using the medium of acrylic paints onto 6"x 6" tiles. This is a make and take project that high school students will love!
Paper Marbling and Drawing (Mixed Media) by Fairlle LaForge
Students will use the paper marbling design to create a work of art.
Paper People (Sculpture) by Cathryn Davis
Attendees will create a whimsical person (or people) with wire, paper, tape, and glue. These creations may be painted or left in monochrome. Figures range from tall and thin to short and round -- and are only limited to imagination. Action and emotion are added through posing and painting the figures.
Pet Portraits with Expressive Color (Painting) by Anabell Horton, S'Lena Hinojosa
Come create expressive color portraits of your beloved furry, scaly, or feathered pals while trying out new watercolor techniques. We will be using materials such as gouache, watercolor pencils, and water-soluble crayons. Whether you are interested in experimenting with materials, or you want to honor your pets, you will be welcomed by art and animal lovers alike! Please bring a photo of your pet on your electronic device for reference. If you would like a printed photo reference, please email your photo along with your name to
Photo Transfers with Hand Sanitizer (Photography) by Kate Philbrick, Dylan Beckman
Transfer photos onto a porous substrate using hand sanitizer.
Plaster sculptures! (Sculpture) by Keisha Casiano
Learn how to build sculptures using plaster
Portfolio Review (Portfolios) by Colleges & Universities
Bring your portfolios & sketchbooks - your 8 to 12 top artworks. Talk with some of the greatest art schools in the country. Think of it as a Mini portfolio day minus the crowds!
Printmaking on a budget (Printmaking) by Dawn Howard
Learn how to create a variety of beautiful prints from everyday items. Create collagraphs, mono prints, texture rubbings, found object and more. Great for beginners all the way to advance.
Push and pulling spaces (Drawing) by Jody Johnson
Students will have 5 minutes to construct a sculpture in small groups then draw the sculpture from multiple angles. This workshop is designed for Art 1/2/3 drawing students.
Relief Plaster castings using Clay (Sculpture) by Thomas Rogers
Students will create a relief form with clay using a slump vessel. Students will then cast the form using plaster of paris.
Sketchbook Scholarship Challenge (Drawing) by Fahmi Khan
Draw from a live model using pen! All levels of students welcome to participate and compete. Materials will be provided!
Spintangle (Drawing) by Joy Schroeder
In this workshop students will put a spin to the art of zentangle. They will explore multiple shapes and designs on both black and white paper. The students will also study value within their design and alter the perspective of their piece by elevating certain pieces of their zentangle project.
Spray Paint and Pastels (Mixed Media) by Jodi Waggoner
Students will be exploring various art techniques in a hands-on workshop using a layering process of pastels and spray paint. (Dress to step outside for the spray paint.) The layering process is intuitive and reflective of Kandinsky's non-objective designs. Workshop results can be used as background for representational works in AP Portfolios.
Stamp Printing Alphabet (Print Making) by Nathaniel Haefner
Students will each design a letter/character from the alphabet and carve it into a foam block to contribute to a collaborative poster. Students will learn a simple stamp style of print making as well as fundamentals of typography.
Street Art Stencils (Painting) by Amanda Miller
Learn about a new spray paint product that allows you to spray indoors with any color you want while we make street art inspired by Banksy.
Tape Art Murals (Mixed Media) by Jennifer Thompson
We will be drawing with painter's tape on the walls! You will be actively making art on your own, with others and out of the classroom. Think of it as temporary removable graffiti. You will leave your mark at State VASE! We will look at the history of tape art, what's being done around the world, lettering, perspective and so much more. Let's make art together.
Techniques in Oil Painting (Painting) by Cynthia Mira
Learn the basics of oil painting from impasto to glazing. Explore alternatives to brushes as well as various mediums to help you achieve your goals.
The Interaction Between Color and Light (Painting) by Amber Forgey
Learn about reflected light and color in this simple acrylic painting exercise. Walk away with a WOW worthy small painting from observation and a new awareness of the interaction of color that will make you see the world through a new set of eyes. Guaranteed to improve your artistic abilities. The finished artwork will fit really well into both the drawing and design AP portfolios.
There Will Always be Drawing (Drawing) by Diana Synatzske
Students will explore ways in which to express emotions, ambitions, worries, stress, basically everything about being a teen, in the form of a sketchbook.
Tiny Identity Collages (Mixed Media) by Beth Billnitzer
Cut, create, and assemble text and images that represent specific aspects of your identity. Build a set of small, wearable collages with these pieces.
Under Paris Skies! (Drawing) by Rita Huie
Students will create scenes of Paris from personal photos and pictures provided, including Louvre sculptures, Paris opera house, Pere Lachaise cemetary pictures, and architecture. Various scenes are presented some with unusual perspectives and unique places I have visited. The projects may include any of the following: Sketches using pencil, pen, pastel or colored pencils; 8x8 sheets in scrapbook style for small illustration; folded 18 x 24 sketch paper for booklet or journaling style or tri-fold; 24 x 36 for large works or poster or black paper. Please bring your favorite sketchbook and drawing material!
Watercolor 101. (Painting) by Lisa Hayes
Learn techniques of watercolor painting and take home a beautiful work of art