State VASE — Student Workshops and Portfolio Review

All State VASE attending students will select 2 sessions. This can be a workshop and workshop, workshop and portfolio review, etc. All workshops, scholarship/sketchbook workshops, and portfolio review are at San Marcos High School. Teachers must mark students as "Y — Yes" attending VASE in order to for students to be able to register for workshops. Workshop registration begins 4/13/2022 at 4:00 PM.

2-D Scholarship Workshop (2D) by Teri Yasger
The 2-D Scholarship Workshop is open to all students. Students will be given a prompt from which an original composition will be created using an assortment of various art media and tools. Compositions will be judged by a panel of artists based on originality, technical expertise and personal expression. All materials will be provided. Monetary scholarships will be awarded in each division up to $600. Submissions will be adjudicated immediately following the event and scholarships will be announced at the closing awards ceremony.
3-D Loteria: Color and Culture (Sculpture) by David Moya Ed.D.
In this workshop, students will learn about the popular game of loteria (Mexican bingo). We will explore symbolism that resonates with the cultures while exploring a new take on the color spectrum. Time permitting, students will share their works and how they reflected their culture(s).
3-D Scholarship Workshop (3D) by Larry West
The 3-D Scholarship Workshop is open to all students. Students will be given a prompt from which an original sculpture will be created using the limited materials provided to the participants. Sculptures will be judged by a panel of artists based on originality, technical expertise and personal expression. Monetary scholarships will be awarded in each division up to $600. Submissions will be adjudicated immediately following the event and scholarships will be announced at the closing awards ceremony.
Aluminum Armature Bonsai Tree Sculptures (Sculpture) by Kristen Robison, Blair Villanueva
Students will create a free-standing bonsai tree sculpture using only aluminum foil and tape. Students will be shown how to build the structure and may have time to add their unique touch to it. (Slides with instructions will be available to scan.)
Artist Signature Stamp-Making (Printmaking) by Kristina Berrier
Students will learn how to creatively reuse linoleum scraps and wine corks. They will come to this workshop and walk away with their own 1"x1" hand-carved and reusable artist signature stamp that can be used on most papers and also on ceramics. An artwork isn't complete without an artist signature, take a piece of State VASE home today!
Banksy Style Airbrushed Watercolor (Watercolor) by James Mohyde
Banksy creates graffiti appearing overnight. We will use a portrait, create stencils & use airbrush machines to apply watercolors. A unique way of printmaking! Bring a printed 4 inch X 6 inch Black and White portrait with you! Info:
Charcoal Changes (Drawing) by Julee Patterson
Work with charcoal on different colored surfaces. We will be using charcoal to draw and create on toned tan, gray, black, and white paper. The different effects you can achieve in highlights and shadows is amazing.
Chine Collé Meets Collagraph (Printmaking/Collage) by Ann Denise Anderson
Chine-collť is a type of paper collage that is often combined with other forms of printmaking. We will explore Collagraphs. A collagraph print is made by glueing different materials to cardboard and creating a kind of collage. It a beautiful marriage of paper and printmaking.
Collagraph Printmaking (Collagraph) by Kerry Martinez
We will learn how to do a collagraph using scraps, odds and ends and print without a press.
Create Your Vision 2022 (Stress Relief) by Donna Mial-Gary
We will talk about how to breathe. Practice 4 Square Breathing Technique or box breathing as used by the Navy Seals. Participants will have a variety of materials to choose from so that they may express how they are feeling in the moment. They may not create an identifiable image. What Is created must be completely abstract. Next we will make a vision board with a variety of objects. If you're feeling stressed this is the class for you. You will be able to clear your mind and create in a state of serenity.
Creature Felting 101 (Needle-Felting) by Dustin Skidmore, Liz Strobel, Marissa Norsworthy
Create your own felted creature. Spend 75 minutes bringing your creation to life and leave with a unique felted creation. We will cover the basics and then begin creating!!
Face The Fear — A Closer Look Into the World of Caricature (Drawing) by J. Paige Gandara-Valderas
Are you into illustrating? Do you enjoy cartooning? Are you interested in the way that lines and shapes work together to create an interesting portrait? Then this workshop is for you! In this workshop, the student will learn about caricature as an art form, how to see faces in a simplified/minimalist way, learn about potential job opportunities, and get GET TO DRAW! Take your cartooning interests to the next level and be immersed in the world of CARICATURE.
Fiesta-Style Medals with a STEAM Twist (Drawing) by S'Lena Hinojosa
Greetings from San Antonio! San Antonio is known for Fiesta, and Fiesta is known for the medals! Add one (or two!) more medals to your VASE collection by designing your own colorful, Fiesta-style medal. Create a unique pendant using shrink plastic. Then illuminate your medal with a STEAM twist by adding a working LED-light!
From Here to There and Back: Accordion Fold Books (Book Binding) by Jessica Jones Gonzales
Using the linear character of accordion fold books, students will utilize juxtaposition and recontextualization to create new meaning and multiple interpretations while exploring personal themes and motifs.
Gelli Plate Image Transfers (Printmaking) by Liz Stearnes
This workshop will gain experiment with composition and layout through the use of magazines, acrylic paint, and Gelli-Plates!
Gelli Printing and Mixed Media (Printmaking) by Fairlle LaForge
Students will make Gelli prints and draw back into them with various drawing supplies.
Hand Embroidery and Thread Painting Basics (Embroidery) by Nettie Powell
Create dramatic line variety, line quality, and texture using hand embroidery. This class will teach you how to thread a needle, create a tailorís knot, and go over basic stitches such as: backstitch, running stitch, reverse split stitch, chain stitch, blanket stitch, French knots and more! Create a simple piece exploring different stitches by painting a simple radial design onto fabric using paint pens and then enhancing its details through hand embroidered accents and become inspired with ideas on how to take you artwork to a new level with this beautiful art form.
Handmade Embroidered Patches (Embroidery) by Mary Hierholzer
Explore the tradition of embroidery for use in contemporary design. Beginners welcome! You will learn basic stitches and utilize repurposed materials to create a handmade embroidered patch for jeans, a jacket or backpack using your own design.
Huichol (Yarn Painting) (Painting) by Cassie Gnehm
Huichol is a traditional form of painting involving pushing colorful yarn into bees wax. Students will be able to start their own yarn painting see examples of student work and get help from an expert.
Life Casting (Sculpture) by Angela Morin
Students will be able to see and one will participate in a face casting demo. The other students will get an opportunity to cast their fingers using alginate for the negative and plaster for the positive. Students will learn how to mix plaster during the demo and will need to wear a mask.
Limited Color Palette with PrismaColors (Drawing) by Kristi Bernstein
Learn how to work with PrismaColor colored pencils using only 5 colors
Making Paper and an Impact (Printmaking) by Clint Riddle
In this workshop, you will learn printmaking without the ink by up-cycling and repurposing scraps to make a unique paper. You will then emboss a personal design or message into your paper.
Mini Wonders in a Box! (Drawing/Altoid Box) by Carli Marriot, Taylar Piers
Do you have a story you're dying to tell?! Learn how to use foreground, middle ground, and background to create a mini illustration story inside of an Altoid box. You will be able to pick your favorite medium including colored pencils, markers, watercolors, and graphite pencils to create your visual story.
Mixed Media Imagination (Drawing) by Laura LeBeau, Amanda Starnes
The students will have a ground of watercolor paper aleady with a wet on wet background. The students will begin to create a focal point using their imagination. Media available will be pastel (oil and soft), colored pencil, and acrylic.
Monotype Printmaking (Printmaking) by Jessica Fisher, Elizabeth Hewitt
This workshop will focus on color monotype printmaking in additive and reductive techniques with a brush and brayer.
Needle-Felting for Beginners (Needle-Felting) by Chinedu Onochie
Learn the basics of needle-felting and how to create your own felted objects and characters.
Ohuhu — The Poor Man's Comic (Drawing) by Joel Colosimo
You will see how to use alcohol markers with alcohol, colored pencil, gel pen and watercolor. Using this mixture of materials, you will achieve amazing results.
One and Two Point Perspective Composite (Drawing) by Michael Lansangan, Karina Lopez
Students will be able to design a 3D drawing by composing a one & two point perspective illustrations.
Perfect Book Making-Japanese Stab Binding (Book Binding) by Erica Ciesielski Chaikin
Need to Empress Yourself? Or just want a way to make a quick and beautiful journal, art portfolio or fun way to show off your work? Incorporate mixed media explorations for covers with thread and paper to create a perfect-bound book in this fun workshop.
Piano Hinge Sketchbook/Journal (Book Binding) by Janet Reynolds
Learn how to create a sketchbook/journal using the piano hinge binding. This book structure gets its name because of its resemblance to the hinge on a piano lid. Bamboo skewers will be used to bind the pages. Examples of other materials will also be shown.
Pom Pom Animals (Sculpture) by Latonya Gunter
Students will create with yarn, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, and much more! You will be designing their own animal.
Portfolio Review (Portfolio) by College & University Reps
Bring your portfolios & sketchbooks - your 8 to 12 top artworks. Talk with some of the greatest art schools in the country.
Project: Collage (Collage) by Lindsey Pearce, Amye Wake
Cut it, stick it, twist it! We will use exercises from Bev Speight's book, "Project: Collage" to cut and paste our way to your own unique artworks. You will stretch your imagination, explore a range of essential techniques, create 2- or 3-Dimensional works, experiment with different materials, and discover your own collage style.
Punch Embroidery and Techniques (Embroidery) by Karen Caldwell
Students will learn how to use punch needle tool and apply those techniques in their art.
Rolled Phonebook Pages Sculptures (Sculpture) by Linda Cross
Students will create sculptures emphasizing "line" using rolled phone book pages.
Scraptastic Portraits (Drawing) by Nina Makepeace
In this workshop we will create colorful, loose portraits using collaged recycled paper, cheap ballpoint pens and dead markers. Using mixed media, students will learn to work with inexpensive materials and items from the class recycle bin to create unique art.
Scratch a Celebrity! (Not Literally) (Drawing/Scratchboard) by Amanda Wallace
Students will choose from provided photos of celebrities and learn how to chalk transfer their image. Then, they will learn how to use scratchboard and tools to recreate the image using value and shading techniques.
Screenprinting on Cloth Bandanas (Screenprinting) by Jeffrey Dell
We will bring and provide all necessary equipment to screenprint a single design in various colors on a supply of bandanas. Visiting high school students will be able to take the bandanas for free. Students will be able to use the squeegee to print their own, can choose the bandana to use, and can otherwise learn some of the basics of how to screenprint.
Shaping Sound (Drawing) by Sharon Miller
Shaping sound is based in the study of performance artists Heather Hansen & Trisha Brown who use their body to create larger than life kinetic drawings with charcoal. Such drawings help with stress relief and allow students to get in touch with their individuality as artists by allowing them to create their own works in charcoal. Additionally, students will conclude with another small activity of creating stress balls to help them manage the ever-growing stresses of life.
Sketchbook Scholarship Challenge (2D) by Fahmi Khan
The Sketchbook Scholarship Workshop is open to all students. Draw from a live model using pen! Materials will be provided! Drawings are adjudicated and winners get prizes! Twelve $100 prizes will be awarded. Submissions will be adjudicated immediately following the event and scholarships will be announced at the closing awards ceremony.
Song Inspiration (Drawing) by Jorge Narvaez
The use of music to inspire our creativity. Pick a song that has inspired you or you may have listened to since quarantine. Select a few of the lyrics of that song and try to visualize and then illustrate the song based on the imagery. You may use paper a canvas cardboard or any surface readily available. Some of the visual examples used for reference are prior student examples and 60s Music posters.
Stitched Watercolor Landscapes (Painting) by Natalie Ward
Learn how to incorporate basic embroidery stitches into a landscape tapestry made with scrap materials and watercolor. Walk away with a fabric stitched landscape you can hang on its own or create into a a new utilitarian art piece.
Stop Motion Animation with Stop Motion Studio (Stop Motion) by Jamie Sainz
Students will learn the basics on how to use Stop Motion Studio to create a short stop motion animation. Students will need to bring a device (iOS/Android) with Stop Motion Studio (there is a free version) pre-installed on their device.
Stress Relief with Neurographic Art (Painting) by Kristina Zavala
Participants will explore the Art Form of Neurographic Art to create an original abstract art piece using watercolors and learn how to reduce stress through the practice of art.
Symbolic Mixed-Media Self Portraits (Drawing) by V. Andrea Chaparro
This hands-on workshop offers students to create a symbolic self-portrait using a variety of mediums. We will discuss metaphors and what objects have the potential to represent ourselves.
Watercolor Weavings on Canvas and More (Painting) by Debra Allison
Create a non-traditional work in watercolor by incorporating weaving, utilizing canvases, and more !
Weaving Foundations (Weaving) by Darci Massey
Students will be able to explore the basics of weaving and experiment with a variety of patterns and materials that will result in a one-of-a-kind artwork.
Whose Nose Is This? (Printmaking) by Charlene Ingle
A fun collaborative portrait printmaking technique. Groups will be assigned specific facial features to carve into Styrofoam plates. Then students will print their assigned facial feature and print the remaining facial features using the work of their peers. Finally, students will use sharpies and a variety of line techniques to bring their portrait together. Donít miss this fun opportunity to network and create a whimsical portrait!