State VASE — Student Workshops and Portfolio Review

All State VASE attending students will select 2 sessions. This can be a workshop and workshop, workshop and portfolio review, etc. All workshops, scholarship/sketchbook workshops, and portfolio review are at San Marcos High School. Teachers must mark students as "Y — Yes" attending VASE in order to for students to be able to register for workshops. Workshop registration begins 3/25/2019 at 4:00 PM.

"Decalcomania" a technique used by Surrealist artist. (Mixed Media) by Krista Richard
Decalcomania was a technique that artists such as Oscar Dominguez and Max Ernst used to create impromptu paintings controlled largely by chance. They would apply paint to a smooth surface (such as glass) and either transfer it by pressing it onto a canvas or by placing a piece of paper or foil over it and lifting. Much like a Rorschach Ink-Blot test or looking for familiarity in cloud shapes, they would search for hidden imagery in the random, abstract patterns and develop it into a finished painting.
#artineverything #upcycledart (Printmaking) by VALERIE LICHTENBERGER
Participants will create a 2D - low-relief work of art using cardboard, paper and other recycled materials using techniques like ripping, slicing, stacking, painting, and collage to create a unique, expressive, and imaginative masterpiece.
________________________________________ (Sculpture) by Thomas Rogers
Students will create a relief form with clay using a slump vessel. Students will then cast the form using plaster of paris.
2D Design (Mixed Media) by Jennifer Fronterhouse
Create non-objective line designs with glue, salt and watercolor.  Then work with the designs in an App such a Photoshop Lightroom CC.  You need to bring a device that you can take pictures with, download Apps , and manipulate images.
2D Scholarship Workshop (2D) by Teri Yasger
2-D Scholarship Workshop is open to all students. Students will be given a prompt from which an original composition will be created using an assortment of various art media and tools. Compositions will be judged by a panel of artists based on originality, technical expertise and personal expression. All materials will be provided. Monetary scholarships will be awarded in each division up to $600. Submissions will be adjudicated immediately following the event and scholarships announced at the awards ceremony!
3D Scholarship Workshop (3D) by Patrick Woodruff
Students will complete a clay form inspired by a prompt given at the beginning of the time period. Scholarship money is awarded for 1st through 4th place in all 4 divisions and up to $600! Submissions will be adjudicated immediately following the event and scholarships announced at the awards ceremony!
A Patterned Family (Drawing) by Anita Demings
Artists can use pencil, marker, colored pencils, and/or watercolors in a two-dimensional art form that records their understanding of the art elements and principles and how they connect to their lives.
A Patterned Family 2 (Drawing) by Sarah Donaldson
Artist can use pencil, marker, colored pencils, and/or watercolors in a two-dimensional art form that records their understanding of the art elements and principles and how they connect to their lives.
Abstract Relief and Embossing Designs (Mixed Media) by Diana Lookabaugh
We will create an abstract relief design that will be inspired by the Constructivism and Bauhaus Modern Art Movement by using recycled materials. After completing the relief design we will create a blind embossed design from the relief.
Applied Arts: Exercise in Costume Design (2D) by Kirsten Bond and associates at FIDM
Students will explore career paths in the applied arts field of costume design. Using genre and storyline as prompts, students will create designs for theatrical or cosplay costumes.
Artists Network (Mixed Media) by Jamie Sainz
Create artist's trading cards and network with fellow State VASE Participants.
Pyrography (woodburning) is the focus of this workshop where participants will be encouraged to burn their favorite design on wood. Participants will learn about various woodburning tips and techniques and create a small piece perfect for exhibition.
Carving into Creativity with Soap (Sculpture) by Leah McWhorter
Students will explore the subtractive method of creating sculpture. Students will create a stencil of a 3D object then carve using clay tools taking the Zeto, a soft laundry soap, from a rectangular block to a rounded 3D form.
Chance Art (Mixed Media) by Kimberlea Bass
Inspired by Ellsworth Kelly's Chance Art. Come roll the dice to guide your art practice.
Clay in the Round! (Sculpture) by Linh Nguyen AISD Visual Arts Coordinator
Do you like to play in the mud?! Do you like to get your hands dirty??! If so, this is the session for you!!!! Come experience speed sculpting "in the round" as you create your masterpiece!
Clay Roses (3D) by Lisa F Collins
Learn how to make clay roses using several different kinds of clay and several different kinds of methods.
Collographs: uncommonly great prints with every day materials (Printmaking) by Kelli Tilton
Create collograph prints using everyday materials. Prints will be made in both relief and intaglio methods to show the versatility and simplicity of this type of printmaking. Attendees will be able to pull multiple prints and keep their collograph plate at the end of the workshop.
Coptic Stitch Book Binding (3D) by Sally Bothwell
Learn how to use coptic stitch book binding to sew your own mini sketchbook from scrap materials.
Cube It Up! (Mixed Media) by Sue Brunner
Students will take a basic picture of a musical instrument or animal's face and break it up into pieces and place it back together in an unusual Cubism style and recreate it using arbitrary colors and other papers to break up the picture plane.
Art will be created on toned paper.
Designing Inside the Box: Exploring the Innovative Field of Visual Communications (2D) by Kirsten Bond and associates at FIDM
Students will learn about the career paths in the field of Visual Communications while designing a store window, creating an in-store event, and constructing a pop-up shop for a brand of their choice.
Drawing by Subtracting - Charcoal Reduction (Drawing) by Ryan Williams
Learn to create an advanced charcoal drawing by staining the paper with charcoal powder, and drawing by erasing with the kneaded eraser and other tools.
Exquisite Corpse: A Collaboration of Fun (Drawing) by Mikhaela Boyles, Chastity Flores, Jessica Holloway - art education students at SHSU
Join us to explore the Exquisite Corpse, an art game developed by the Surrealists that is a whimsical and playful exercise in spontaneous creativity. Participants will collaborate to produce a one of a kind creature that is out of this world.
Faux Taxidermy Animals (3D) by Hollie Garza
Learn how to construct a faux animal head and leave with a complete lesson plan.
Gelli Plate Printing Workshop (Sculpture) by Cole Godvin
Gelli Plate printing is inexpensive, easy and so much fun! Make beautiful prints effortlessly! This workshop will teach you a many techniques. You will leave with at lest 20 stunning prints of your own. Build a body of instagramable work and join a community of enthusiastic printmakers.
Gilding and Mixed Media in Fine Art (Mixed Media) by Mary-Catherine Watson
Studnets will learn how to incorporate metal leaf gilding in their works of fine art. Gilding is an especially valuable medium that works well in mixed media works of art. This is a hands-on workshop; and, a mini art gallery of samples of gilding in mixed media works will be on display as additional "food for thought." Teachers welcome to stop in too!
Hair in the Hair! (Mixed Media) by Wendy Williams
Students will design faces which they paint onto house painting brushes with the brush part as the hair. They will paint these with acrylic paint, adding embelishment, maybe giving the hair a style.
Head Painting (Acrylic) (Painting) by Steve Ko
There will be live head painting demonstration using a model. One of the students who volunteers to pose will receive HD picture of the painting afterwards.
Healing Mandala (Drawing) by Amanda McAlpin
The students will draw a mandala related to their idea of healing human condition. To begin, students will draw a circle, no larger than 6 inches by 6 inches, on 80# paper using a compass. Next, the students will mask off edges of the circle with painter's tape. Then, the students will apply with a paintbrush (10 - 14 size) powder chalk pastel onto the paper, selecting colors to express an emotion. To finish, the students will use a pencil to draw out their design using shapes and symbols in a radially symmetrical pattern that expresses healing, transformation, and compassion for human differences. Lastly, the student will trace over the pencil with a black fine point sharpie.
Intro to Caricatures (Drawing) by Melissa N Connour
Hands on workshop on creating caricatures. Learning the basic techniques of exaggeration of facial anatomy. From thumbnails to final piece. If students can have a photo of a person they would like to work from before the class starts that would be fantastic.
Intro to Digital Sketching (Digital) by Will Rodriguez
Artists will be exposed to some of the portable methods of keeping sketches and ideas in a digital realm. BYOD! (Bring Your Own Device) Please bring phone, iPad, tablet, etc.
Investigation and Creativity with Sketchbooks (Mixed Media) by Amy Semifero and Laura Grundler
Let some "Journaling Junkies" guide you through a variety of journaling techniques, both analog and digital, for engaging students in the process of creativity that can be used cross-curricularly. This session will be hands on and we ask that you bring a journal, your favorite pen or pens, an ipad with stylus (if you have one) and an awesome frame of mind.
Let's Play with Wet Felting (Sculpture) by Brenda Cruz-Flores, Sarah Doverspike, Sheyla Morales, Chloe Morrell
Soft, fuzzy, yummy WOOL is a wonderful medium for art. Come explore an introduction to how a little warm soapy water and agitation can transform wool into felted sculptural forms. Each participant will have the opportunity to make an item from a wide array of colorful wool roving.
Life Casting (3D) by Brian Wiseman
Learn the basics of life casting using body safe Alginate. Students will learn how to make replicas of their fingers / hands using a mold making material called Alginate. Students will further learn how cast their mold in resin to use in multiple applications of mixed media art work.
Light Painting 101 (Photography) by Andrew J Giles
In this workshop, we will discuss long exposure camera settings as it pertains to "painting with light". Create original, eye popping photos that all your friends will ask, "How did you do that?!?" Bring your own DSLR (and a tripod if you have it) but the teacher will have some extra supplies.
Limitless: An Intro to Relief Printmaking (Printmaking) by Melody Albano
An opportunity for unlimited artworks from one design. We are not talking about electric printers. Explore relief printing techniques like linocut and etching. Printmaking is therapeutic with opportunities to experiment endless color combos.
Liquid Clay Experiments (3D) by Juanetta Bocko
Use felt/string/twine and dip into Liquid Slip/Clay to create clay projects! Come experiment!
Literacy that Promotes Creativity (Mixed Media) by Gladys Cheng
What inspires your creativity? What makes you a great "visual storyteller"? Come and nurture your mind, heart and soul with the use of children's books that inspires and promotes higher level thinking skills and enhances creativity. Students will create a collage, using mix media and more!. Students are welcome to bring a photo of themselves, a person, or Pet as reference.
LIVE Birds of Prey on canvas (Painting) by doug hiser
Audubon Society will model Owls - Hawks for live observation acrylic paintings on canvas-led by Wildlife Signature Member of Artist for Conservation Doug Hiser
Magic in Charcoal (Drawing) by Julee Patterson
Students will explore the different reactions charcoal can create on multiple surfaces. Students will use white and black charcoal to create drawings on white, black, and tan papers.
Maori Pendants (Sculpture) by RJ Christensen
Students will learn about Maori culture while learning to carve a traditional pendant in clay. Embellishments to the carvings will be created using sgraffito technique. Sponsored by AMACO Glazes.
Melted Wax painting photography with Craypen (Mixed Media) by Ami Day
Students will mount a copy of a photo onto a 3 x 5 piece of cardboard. Students will then paint directly on top of the photo copy using Cray Pen with crayola wax pucks and crayons. Students should bring their own origional copy of a photograph for best results.
Mini Tapestry Weaving (3D) by Darcy Baird
You will learn different weaving techniques and create a small tapestry using yarn, ribbon, fibers, and/or paper. Using a cardboard loom, you can create a woven necklace, brooch, or coaster.
Mixed Media with Textiles (3D) by Anabell Horton, Kendra Slaughter
In this workshop we will be experimenting with fibers adding embroidery and drawing in the mix. Optional: bring any old patterned fabrics you would like to repurpose into your art along with personal photo references you may want to include
Monoprints with gelliplates (Printmaking) by Emily McLemore
Create monoprints with gelliplates and found objects. Gelliplates allow you to layer paint and textured objects to create one of a kind prints.
Needle Felting (Sculpture) by Sara Webb
Learn how to create a fun felted project using a barbed needle to compact wool fibers into a fabulous felted paint palette hair clip, clothing patch or wall art. Possibly even a sweet little felted animal if time allows.
Origami (3D) by Felicia Arias
Learn to fold an origami swan, butterfly, and a flapping crane. (If time permits, possibly also learn to fold origami gift boxes, samurai helmets, and traditional cranes)
Photoshop: Surrealist Identity Collage (Digital) by Sara Massey
Create a surrealist digital portrait through Photoshop. Images will be taken in the digital lab or brought in through your own Google Drive, then blended together using different techniques to create a seamless surrealist collage. You will be able to save and send to your personal or school e-mail for viewing and printing.
Pop Up Books (3D) by Kristi Bernstein
If you have ever wondered or been curious as to how to make a pop-up book? Join me in learning several techniques to add creativity to that boring core-class project or to send unique snail mail to grandma!
Portfolio Review (Portfolio) by Instructor, College & University Reps
Bring your portfolios & sketchbooks - your 8 to 12 top artworks. Talk with some of the greatest art schools in the country.
Prinntmaking using Mylar, pva glue, and drawing materials (Printmaking) by Teresa Foster and Phyllis King
Come explore printmaking with mylar, glue, and drawing materials on illustration board.
River Rock Animals (3D) by Karen Fox
Animal lovers, come use acrylic paint to transform your river stone into a nice furry little animal or reptile. It depends on the shape of stone for the best animal to create. You have choices. Come have fun, create, and produce.
Sketchbook Scholarship Challenge (2D) by Fami Khan
Draw from a live model using pen! All levels of students welcome to participate and compete. Materials will be provided!
Drawings are adjudicated and winners get prizes! Twelve $100 prizes will be awarded. Submissions will be adjudicated immediately following the event and scholarships announced at the awards ceremony!
Splash photography (Photography) by evanne nasypany
Come capture water in motion like never before. Students will explore splash photography with food, water, acrylic ice cubes and food coloring. Students will need to dress in dark clothing and must bring a dslr camera and tripods as well as camera battery being fully charged. Prepare to get wet and have a splashing good time!
Stencil Printmaking (Printmaking) by Theresa A. Ybanez
Artists will create stencils to be used for printmaking purposes. Be preparred to use spray paint!
Tape Graffiti (Mixed Media) by Jennifer Thompson
We will look at inspiring artist tape murals and then create our own original sketches. Then apply tape to the walls!! Draw with tape!
Tempera and India Ink Portraits (Painting) by Bianca Pitman
Students will experiment with the use of tempera paint and India ink to produce vintage style imagery.
Tooled Aluminum Faces (Mixed Media) by Lisa Duck-Fuentes
Students will draw half a face on paper and transfer that onto a 3x6" sheet of aluminum, flipping the drawing over to create the other half of face. Facial features are tooled creating 5 textures, then painted with India ink and sanded off when dry.
touchnew the poor mans copic (Drawing) by Joel Colosimo
Students will play with different alcohol markers that behave very similar to copic markers
Transfer Images Go Roque (Mixed Media) by Ann-Denise Anderson
Explore endless possibilities of Image Transfer. We will experiment with various substrates that can carry this process to a complexity worthy of a sustained investigation.
Turn that Trash into Treasure! (Mixed media) by Lindsey Pearce & Amye Wake
Bring an old, unsuccessful artwork to this workshop (or choose from one of ours) and learn some fun, experimental techniques to transform it. We will try things like cutting it up, rearranging it, painting over it, collaging on top of it, stitching into it, etc. With any luck, you will leave with a treasure to add to your art portfolio!
Unthink — Working with Stencils (Mixed Media) by Josi M Waggoner
Create a mixed media design using stencils as a base for abstract patterns.
Unwind with Zentangles (Drawing) by Jordan Reed
Learn how to make a zentangle- an ink drawing utilizing patterns, often (but not exclusively!) in abstract compositions. Very meditative and fun; once you start it's hard to stop!
Visual Puns (Drawing) by Debbie nichola
Create an artwork based on a visual pun or play on words.
Watercolor and Continuous line drawings (Mixed Media) by Guadalupe Hernandez
Students will experiment with the use of color, space and line while embracing the unexpected.
Watercolor pencil with ink (Mixed Media) by Stephanie Smith
Create a colorful drawing using watercolor pencil and add expressive lines with ink for details and value.
Watercolor with Oil Pastel Resist (Mixed Media) by Alyssa Lopez
The students will draw an image of choice or use a provided template on watercolor paper. Then, they will outline the image with oil pastels. After, they will start painting using watercolor, watching how the oil pastel acts as a barrier and how the colors "resist" touching.