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Student Gallery — 2018 State Results

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The Tax Man Abellar, Matt
The Tax Man
Region - 4S
Shadow Creek High School
Bloom Acosta, Ryann
Region - 19
Socorro High School
Abandoned Acosta, Eduardo
Region - 11S
South Hills High School
Mary Njeri Adams, Megan
Mary Njeri
Region - 20W
Roosevelt High School
Reaching The Agenda Adams, Peyton
Reaching The Agenda
Region - 8
Pleasant Grove High School
Stay Golden Adipudi, Navya
Stay Golden
Region - 10N
Independence High School
Carmachameleon Aguilar, Mikayla
Region - 20E
Judson High School
Euphoric Freedom Aguirre, Teresa
Euphoric Freedom
Region - 1
Edinburg High School
Double Trouble Aguirre, Teresa
Double Trouble
Region - 1
Edinburg High School
Grandmother's Jewel Ahluwalia, Ruhani
Grandmother's Jewel
Region - 11S
Studio Sabka
Friends Fur-ever Ahrel, Alessandra
Friends Fur-ever
Region - 10E
Lake Highlands High School
Gentle Soul Ahrel, Aleesandra
Gentle Soul
Region - 10E
Lake Highlands High School

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