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Student Gallery — 2007 State Results

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Assemblage Sculpture Abdulali, Zeenat
Assemblage Sculpture
Region - 10N

Right To Life Acebo, Michelle
Right To Life
Region - 20

Warped Paint Agu, Krystal
Warped Paint
Region - 11

Still Life Painting From Observation Aguilar, Karen
Still Life Painting From Observation
Region - 10S

Cheeky Doll Agustin, Noelle
Cheeky Doll
Region - 4W

Self-portrait Ahmed, Nayna
Region - 10N

It Doesn't Matter Who You Are Ahumada, Delissa
It Doesn't Matter Who You Are
Region - 1

Mango Alarcon, Alexa
Region - 10S

Grandmother Alarcon, Alexa
Region - 10S

Losing Myself Aleman, Jasmin
Losing Myself
Region - 1

Untimely Illness Aleman, Jacqueline
Untimely Illness
Region - 19

Self Portrait Alfaro, Alejandro
Self Portrait
Region - 7

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