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Student Gallery — 2002 State Results

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" Portrait"

Painting  Region - 0

"Monster's Inc"

Sculpture/Variety  Region -
Aaron Yagel

"Untitled Photo"

  Region - IV_W
Adam Martinez

"Self Portrait"

  Region - XIII
Adee Serrao


  Region - X
Adrian Benevides

"Passing Period"

  Region - II
Aigen Chacin


Drawing/Graphite  Region - IV_W
Ainsworth Ryan

"Glass Vessel"

Ceramic/Glass  Region - VII
Aisen Chacin

"The Setting"

Drawing/Pastel  Region - IV_W
Albert Cuellar


Drawing/Pencil  Region - II
Alex Arzu


  Region - IV_W
Alex Arzu

"Self Portrait"

  Region - IV_W

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