2021 TAEA Districts of Distinction

TAEA Districts of Distinction

Please view a short video showcasing our 2021 awardees for the TAEA District of Distinction.

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Celebrating Excellence in the Visual Arts

What is a District of Distinction?

District of Distinction is an annual recognition program created by Texas Art Education Association and run by the Administration and Supervision division to honor school districts that are leading the way in the visual arts. The TAEA Administration and Supervision would like to recognize districts with outstanding leadership (be that formal or informal) in promoting the arts in their district and community. We are looking to recognize districts that are active participating members in the TAEA and beyond the confines of TAEA sponsored events. The rubric is differentiated by number of students in the district, has exemptions on regions that do not have sponsored events and allows for each district submitting to meet 12 out of the 14 criteria (excluding exemptions). A district may receive the award more than once.

If your school district is engaged in advocating for the visual arts your district could be a TAEA District of Distinction.

When will we announce the 2022 winners?

Winners will be announced in September of 2022 and recognized at the TAEA Conference 2022. (Rubric will be based on events / activities from September 2021 — June 2022.)

How does TAEA promote honorees?

Districts of Distinction honorees will:

  • Be identified on the association's website
  • Receive a District of Distinction plaque along with a letter of commendation from the association
  • Receive a press release template to promote their recognition to local media

Who will choose the winners?

The Administration and Supervision Chair and Chair Elect will check the criteria and mark whether the district submission meets the qualifications to receive the designation of a TAEA District of Distinction. All districts fulfilling the rigorous criteria will be awarded the title of a District of Distinction.

What is my responsibility as a District of Distinction?

The winning district(s) as part of the award will write an article for highlighting why they were awarded the District of Distinction. The winner(s) will also be asked to make a short video to be posted on the organizations website promoting their district accomplishments, but also providing inspiration for others. In addition, the winning district(s) will be asked to attend at the Administration and Supervision Meeting.

If you are interested in participating, please for more information. Submission deadline is June 27, 2022.


Criteria / Rubric

2021-2022 Criteria / Rubric (PDF) (Revised 08/31/2021)

2020-2021 Rubric Examples (PDF)