Visual Arts Administrators of Texas Division

Welcome to the TAEA Visual Arts Administrators of Texas Division Cohort. I am very excited to be the chair for our division. I am working to provide insightful information through our organization. We will continue the excellent District of Distinction Program that began in 2018-2019. This program offers Texas school districts, no matter the size, the opportunity to receive recognition for excellence in visual art education. More information about this program can be found here.

Please join the Visual Arts Administrators of Texas at the TAEA Fall Conference on Thursday, November 16, 4-8 PM. Watch the conference page for more information.

If you have questions, you can contact me at .

District of Distinction

A few important reminders for you:

  • TAEA contests (VASE, JrVASE, and TEAM) are an item on the District of Distinction rubric.
  • If a district needs more information about the TAEA District of Distinction honor, you please contact .
  • If a district is interested in participating in the TAEA District of Distinction program, please request a folder from .

For more information, please be sure to check out the Districts of Distinction page.

Conference Documents

During the Supervisors Meetings at the TAEA conference, several items were developed that we hope would benefit supervisors in all districts. Below is a list of items shared.

Art Applicant Questions

Art Competitions

Safety in the Kiln Room

Elementary Kiln Room

Middle School Kiln Room

High School Kiln Room

Sr. High School Kiln Room


Texas Art Education Outreach

TAEO promotes and offers successful quality art education support to Texas art educators through mentoring and professional development presentations.

  • What can you do to help the members you serve?
  • Do you know a good presenter?
  • Do you know someone who would be a great mentor?
  • Can you send information from people who reach out to you?
  • Can you reach out to other art educators?

TAEO can help with presenters and mentors.

Let's help each other to prepare, support, and encourage Texas art educators.

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