Middle School / Junior High Division

Robbyne Teel

Middle School Jr High Division
Robbyne Teel

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What I Love About TAEA: I love how everyone is so willing to help and share with each other. If you are struggling with a lesson or how to get something to work, you can always reach out to the friends who turn into family from TAEA for help.
Leanne Rainey

Middle School Jr High Division Elect
Leanne Rainey

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What I Love About TAEA: I love the support and encouragement TAEA provides to visual art educators. Whether you are looking for quality professional development that is specifically geared toward art or a network of other art professionals to bounce ideas off, TAEA is your ultimate guide. Everyone here cares about each other and is incredibly passionate about promoting a well rounded education to the students in Texas!

I am Leanne Rainey; thank you for allowing me to serve as the Middle School Division Chair-Elect! I am the current Middle School Division Lead for the Frisco Independent School District. I also teach Art I, II, and III at Vandeventer Middle School. Additionally, I served two years as the Region 10 Representative for TAEA. I've been an active member of this organization as both a teaching participant & competition Judge for Jr. VASE and VASE. I've also assisted in Site Directorship, as well as volunteer coordination of several Regional VASE competitions, and I love attending TAEA's annual conference each fall!

My goals as the Middle School Division Chair-Elect include:

  1. Assist in presenting students of our division and state with outstanding opportunities to grow as artists and advocates of The Arts.
  2. Assist in presenting Art Educators and their Administrators with quality opportunities to grow, develop and hone their skills.
  3. Advocating for Art within our schools (public, private and charter) and spreading awareness of the important role that the skills and lessons learned through Art play in preparing students for life beyond the classroom.
  4. Learn form and collaborate with the current Middle School Division Chair, as well as the other leaders who serve within the TAEA.

I am excited to represent the Middle School Division, and look forward to serving you during my term as the Chair-Elect. Please send me ideas for what you would like to see offered specifically to meet the unique needs of middle school art educators in the state of Texas. I will post upcoming event information for you as it becomes available.

Twitter/X: @The_MrsRainey



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