President's Message — Walter Holland

Walter Holland

I started my study of art and art education at a time of great growth in the visual arts. Studying and working alone in those early years, I started creating public art with my students. We created sculptures and murals, and developed a program of art education for the special education department. At the same time, I was finishing a degree and getting into the Junction experience. I, along with many others, produced art working in different media as teams of artists. The most interesting partnership was with glass-making where movements, timing, and leadership was important. Each group of glassblowers shared the management of the pad. A head person or gaffer was in charge and had to create trust, or nothing worked.

Therefore, as President, I want to serve our members as a leader who shares responsibilities through team efforts. These experiences brought to me a leadership style that used this technique in fulfilling what I want to do for TAEA. Continuing with successful programs and developing new programs to help ensure a high degree of success among our many art teachers and students.

Within a few weeks, along came a need to use these techniques again. I had to acknowledge my own personal injury and what its treatment was going to mean in the interest of TAEA. I knew that I should ask our President-Elect to step into the president's role while I recovered.

So, in stepped Linh Nguyen, as President. A like-minded leader who shared a wish to serve our membership. It was decided that we would work as part of a team with the Executive Board, Executive Council, and Council at Large. I am looking forward to leading and collaborating with this team in the future.

Walter C. Holland
TAEA President 2021-2023


Interim President's Message — Linh Nguyen

Linh Nguyen

Fellow Colleagues,

It is with much honor that I serve as your presiding president as Walter Holland continues to recover from his injury. Please join me in wishing Walter a speedy recovery. Walter, we appreciate your continued leadership and guidance during this time. I also want to take this opportunity to extend my appreciation and say thank you to Jami Bevans for her leadership the past few years. Jami, you have led with passion and dedication to ensure that TAEA is at the forefront. Thank you for your service!

I am truly blessed to be able to work alongside an Executive Board that will be laser-focused on providing you, our members, the necessary resources and support so you can be the best in providing our students every opportunity to be successful in the arts. As we look forward, I would be remiss not to reflect on the past two years. They were difficult, exhausting and at times, unbearable. Teachers, you were asked to do things outside of teaching, and you just did it. You are essential, amazing, and innovative! Thank you. K-12 Administrators, your role was significantly magnified in helping teachers stay the course, be supportive and even sub when there was shortage of teachers. Yes, it can be a thankless job at times, but know you are incredible. Fellows, retired teachers, community members, museum directors and higher ed, your commitment to TAEA is a reflection of your love and support of teachers and the arts. We cannot do this without the wisdom and knowledge that you possess. You are cherished. It is without a doubt that TAEA is comprised of individuals who are dynamic, inspiring and powerful. We will lead with our teachers and students as a priority. And for that, I thank you!

As an organization we have established incredible standards, goals, and programs that we will continue to advance and perfect. We look forward to building a "TAEA Community of Artists" that will be a voice and support for each other, as we continue to navigate into the future. Many of you will be asked to join in this conversation and develop a mechanism that will provide a platform of communication across the state. We are our best resources, and we must make a commitment to share that knowledge. Florence Dibell Bartlett once said, "The art of the craftsman is a bond between the peoples of the world." Through building relationships and a shared philosophy, TAEA will be servant leaders with conviction and intentionality. We will be Art Strong!

Thank you for the opportunity to serve as your presiding president. We look forward to making connections with you, and I challenge you to do the same. Let's make this a GREAT organization!


Linh Nguyen
TAEA President-Elect 2021-2023