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State VASE — Overview

State VASE Medals

April 26-27, 2024

A TAEA visual art event recognizing exemplary high school student artwork at the state level. This recognition represents the pinnacle of artistic success in the VASE program. The State Visual Art Scholastic Event is the highlight of all VASE events.


High school students who receive a Rating IV during the judging process at a regional event are eligible to advance to State through a second round of judging called Area Judging. Students are notified after the regional event if their artwork will advance to the State Event.


Each individual entry requires a $20 entry fee to cover cost of judging, site rental, website management, accounting, medals and/or handling.


All state qualifying artwork will be stored with the Regional Director until the State Event. Directors deliver state qualifying works to the State Event at San Marcos High School in San Marcos, TX.


The State Event is scheduled for the last weekend in April.

Leading up to the State Event

  • Make travel arrangements to San Marcos, TX.
  • In late March, qualifying student attendance is marked by the sponsoring teacher on the VASE website indicating if the student is attending the State Event.
  • In late March-early April, qualifying students and teachers register online for State Event workshops.

Adjudication — Friday before State VASE

  • Adjudication takes place on Friday. There are no student interviews at the State Event.
  • Only designated personnel is allowed on-site Friday.
  • All artwork is displayed in an exhibition after judging has concluded.
  • Exemplary works will be designated with a Rating IV State Medalist label displayed on the artwork name tag.

Day of the State Event

  • State teachers check-in and receive a packet containing event programs, maps, and directions for collecting artwork and teacher check-out.
  • State qualifying students and teachers attend an Opening Ceremony, workshops, and a Closing Ceremony.
  • All State qualifying artwork will be available for viewing in the exhibition spaces.
  • Lunch is on your own. Limited options will be available onsite.
  • State VASE T-shirts, letterman patches, and other items will be available for purchase.
  • A list of recommended local restaurants is posted on the State VASE homepage menu.
  • College and University art representatives from all over the United States review student portfolios which can result in admissions acceptance and scholarships. See State VASE Portfolio Review link on State VASE homepage menu.

Gold Seal

  • Gold Seal recipients will be recognized during the Opening Ceremony. Look for Gold Seal tickets in the teacher check-in packet and check-in for special seating.
  • Gold Seal recipients will be draped with a gold medal during the Opening Ceremony.
  • Gold Seal artworks will be displayed in a special exhibition during the State Event.
  • Gold Seal artwork participates in a traveling exhibition starting after the State Event and concluding at the TAEA State Conference.

At the end of the State Event

  • Teachers review checkout directions provided in the teacher check-in packet. Directions are also posted on the website under the homepage menu.
  • Teachers collect artwork after the Closing Ceremony.
  • Collect all artwork and packing materials before checking out.
  • Teachers checkout with the Regional Director after collecting artwork.
  • Rating IV State Medallions are provided at teacher checkout for artworks designated as Exemplary.

After State VASE

  • Images of Gold Seal and Rating IV artwork will be published on the website.
  • Scholarship recipients will be posted on the website. Recipients from previous events are currently posted.