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The Rhythm
Thrash, Austin
The Rhythm
Region - 16
River Road High School
2017 Gold Seal

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About the Logo

The VASE logo ("The Face of VASE") was created by Clear Brook High School student Amanda Candler, Friendswood Texas, in a statewide VASE logo contest. VASE selected Amanda's design over the designs of 200 other contestants. In her letter of intent, she writes

Explanation of VASE Design

"The concept for this piece was to make a visual representation of what art is. Art is not made to remain in the mind, but to use your hands and share it with the world. The hand is the ultimate tool. The three other tools represent the three steps of creating a piece of art; imagining, creating, and sharing. The light blue illuminating the student's hand is the inspiration that can come from art and the power of enlightening others around us of what they can achieve."

Amanda Candler


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