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Student Gallery — 2019 State Results

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Foreshortened Graphite Portrait Abston, Madi
Foreshortened Graphite Portrait
Region - 11S
Trinity Springs Middle School
Platinum Medal
Emotional Playground Aceves, Matthew
Emotional Playground
Region - 18
Andrews Middle School
Platinum Medal
Colors Acharya, Riya
Region - 10S
Cfbisd Dewitt Perry Ms
Platinum Medal
Red O Acosta, Dawn
Red O
Region - 14
Madison Middle School
Platinum Medal
A Random Abyss Acosta, Sofia
A Random Abyss
Region - 20W
Krueger Ms
Platinum Medal
Emerald Boy Adair, Grayson
Emerald Boy
Region - 4E
Kleb Intermediate
Platinum Medal

Image Not Provided
Agbonyeme, Destiny
My Crown
Region - 4S
Pearland South
Platinum Medal
Lost Aguilar, Emely
Region - 4E
Klein Intermediate
Platinum Medal

Image Not Provided
Aguilar, Celeste
Region - 19
Desert Wind
Platinum Medal
Boy In Blue - Pop Art Portrait Aguillon, Diego
Boy In Blue - Pop Art Portrait
Region - 2
Gregory Portland Middle School
Platinum Medal
Silly Blue Eiza Aguirre, Adriana
Silly Blue Eiza
Region - 10S
Gp Young Women's Leadership Academy
Platinum Medal

Image Not Provided
Aguirre, Emily
Pure Inner Beauty
Region - 1
Stillman Middle School
Platinum Medal

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