Available courses

This course helps all VASE participants and workers to know about VASE: registration, the rules for the event and for artwork preparation, paperwork, etc.

To take this course, you must register. Create an account (you will then be notified by email), set up the enrollment key, then take the course. 

You must apply as a juror before starting this course. Apply using the "sad puppy" icon on the VASE or TAEA homepage. If you do not apply first, your certification upon completing the course will not be registered in the VASE juror pool.

To set up your Juror Training Course account:

  1. If you are a TAEA member – use your TAEA login credentials to create your Juror Course account (username = email address; password = current TAEA password).

  2. If you are not a TAEA member – set up your Juror Course account using your preferred email address as your username and set a password you will remember.