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Medha With Golden Jewelry
Kashyapa, Anusha
Medha With Golden Jewelry
Region - 10N
Independence High School
2018 Gold Seal

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VASE State Officials

High School VASE State Director

Chris Cooper,
High School VASE Regional Directors, Student Gallery for High School VASE, Finance and Budget, Oversees High School VASE Regional Events.

High School State Event Director

Karri Clark,
State Event Coordination, Oversees State Event Foremen and Directors

Junior VASE State Director

Suzy Greene,
JrVASE Regional Directors, Student Gallery for JrVASE, Finance and Budget, Oversees JrVASE Regional Events.

TEAM State Director

Mary Tavares,
TEAM Regional Directors, Student Gallery for TEAM, Finance and Budget, Oversees TEAM Regional Events.

State Jury Foreman

Lisa Millard,
Selects and confirms Jurors, Oversees Jury Training, Jurying Process, Jurying Consistency, Prepares Jurors Database for Printing, Jurors Payment Forms

State Technology Foreman

Don Dinnerville,
Coordinates technology at State event, Develops policy for Electronic Media, maintains State Database

State Control Room Foreman

Maggie Raveneau,
Coordinates and oversees the Control Room at State event, recruits workers for Control Room

State Activity Foreman & Scholarship Coordinator

Sarah Pagona,
Sets up Student & Teacher Workshops, Tours, coordinates Scholarship Workshops and Judging

State Photography Coordinator

Mike Hall,
Organize photo process, Selects, organizes and supervises photo crew, Sends photos for video post production

State Gold Seal Coordinator

Mary Hierholzer,
Collects names for Database, Collects artworks, and Schedules venues for the Gold Seal Exhibition

State Gold Seal Manager

Duane Sanford,
Stores, Moves, and Sets up Gold Seal Exhibitions

State College and University Coordinator

Mary Ellen Basham,
Communicates with college and university art department personnel to organize Portfolio Review

State Set Up Coordinator

Chris Cooper,
Checks in State artwork, State paperwork, Facilitates State Art Show set up

State Director Emeriti

Dr. Jim Henderson
Founding Father of VASE

Joey Doyle
Indelible VASE Director

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