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Potential jurors interested in judging or jurying artwork at a regional event for the Texas Art Education Association's Visual Arts Scholastic Event (VASE) must complete and submit the following application form. When your application is received, you will be emailed login information for the TAEA VASE Online Juror Training Course. Upon linking to the Course, you will be prompted to change your User Name and Password before beginning the Course. Make sure you remember these. You must make an 80% or better in the Course to have your name activated for official consideration to juror VASE events.

You are currently not logged in. If you are a TAEA member, please login before you fill out this information.

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Graphic Design, Electronic Media Non-Video, Mixed Media, Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, Electronic Media, Video/Animation, Photography
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Sculpture, Jewelry, Ceramics, Textiles
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Region: *   Not sure which region you're in? Check the Regional Locator.

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