2017 Sketchbook Initiative

2017 Sketchbook Initiative - Leaving Our Mark

Art Teachers + Sketchbooks = Creativity

Join Us!

When we work on our art, we inspire others to do the same!

TAEA Conference

Join us as we celebrate our sketchbooks! Bring your personal sketchbooks, TAEA regional and division traveling sketchbooks to the Sketchbook Showcase in the exhibit hall to be checked in. They will be on exhibit during the day Friday and Saturday morning! Be sure to come by Saturday to collect them by 1 p.m.

Monthly #TAEAsketchbook Prompts

Join us in getting our hands in art! Use the monthly prompts as a springboard for creating in your sketchbooks, participating with your students if you wish. Share on social media using #taeasketchbook.

Fall Sketchbook Prompts

Division Traveling Sketchbook

There are several sketchbooks that are currently traveling among members of the different divisions: elementary, middle, high school, community-based, higher education, student and retired. If you are interested in contributing to a division-level sketchbook, sign up here. This form is for current members only.

Regional Traveling Sketchbook

This new initiative puts traveling sketchbooks in the regions! Contact your regional representative or sign up here and list your name, email, and region, and your representative will contact you. If you aren't sure which region applies to you, check out this resource. This form is for current members only.

How to Participate

When you receive the sketchbook, turn to the first clean two-page spread on which you can create. Some sketchbooks have a designated prompt, some provide a mark or inspiration for the next artist, others leave it to you! Use any media, and be sure your work is dry before forwarding to another colleague in the division. You will receive a name and address to which you can send the sketchbook so it keeps traveling or you can contact me, , for the next participating artist. Share your work on social media using #taeasketchbook.