Do you have a professional development project or research you would like to pursue? Are you a TAEA member? Then apply for a 2018 TAEA Grant! All grant applications are due June 1, 2018 to the TAEA Executive Secretary.

General Guidelines for Grant

  1. The grant is earmarked for direct personal professional development, i.e., research, professional activities, creative work publications, etc.
  2. The grant is generally to encourage new work, but work already begun will be considered.
  3. Funding will not be offered for projects geared solely to educational activities, supplies or materials, which should be funded by your institution.
  4. Funding request for meals or books will not be honored.
  5. The grant will be awarded to current TAEA members only.

Guidelines for Grant Disbursement

  1. Each application consists of a one page standard form available from TAEA Executive Secretary or the TAEA President, plus support materials.
  2. The grant will not exceed $300.
  3. The grant will be awarded July 30; deadline to apply is June 1.
  4. The grant will be awarded by the TAEA Executive Board who are not eligible to apply.
  5. Funds will be given July 30.
  6. A member may not receive more than one grant in a two-year period.
  7. TAEA member receiving the grant will agree to present a workshop on the funded project / research / creative activity at the next fall conference.

Guidelines for Grant Application Form

  1. Section I. Fill out completely. Incomplete forms will not be reviewed.
  2. Section II. Total amount not to exceed $300.
  3. Section III.
    1. General Description of Project — Give a brief description of what the project entails.
    2. Current Status of Project — if project is underway, give a status report and what will be necessary to finish.
    3. Anticipated Outcomes — With completion of the project, will you be publishing, having an exhibit, lecturing, regarding your findings, etc?
    4. Time Line — Show your proposed time line with as specific dates as possible.
    5. Itemized Budget — Prepare a DETAILED LIST of expenses covering the requested amount of the grant. Be specific. List items and their costs.
    6. Final Report — A final report on your grant is due within one year after you receive your grant. Failure to meet this requirement line II—7 will preclude your further involvement in the TAEA Grant Program.