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Shelby Johnson
Student Division
Shelby Johnson


Hello all!

I am so excited to be the chair of the Student Division! This year has been very exciting and eventful for our division. The most exciting being that it is now easier than ever for students to attend the TAEA convention. Thanks to Shaun Lane, students can now attend the convention for free! This year (2015) we had over 40 students attend, so I'm sure that the 2016 convention in Dallas will have an even better turnout!

To all those who have graduated and are now teaching, I am so proud of you and your continued support of TAEA. It is so inspiring to see your passion for art and teaching touching the lives of students across Texas. I hope you are finding your choice in career endlessly fulfilling.

This year, our Big Art Day (March 3) had 100 registered events. Moving forward, I feel like we can surpass that number. With only 100 events, thousands of lives were touched by the power of art so imagine how many people we could expose to the power of art by having only 50-100 more events registered.

The organization has afforded us all many opportunities to grow, be sure to take full advantage! A few are:

  • Scholarships: Deadline is June 1st! A great way to cover the travel cost to TAEA 2016 in Dallas!
  • State Conference Presentations: Deadline is July 15th! Presenting at conferences are great opportunities to network, find a mentor(s), and resume builders! Get on it!

Be sure to join the page! Link below:

  • TONS of information available in the Resources section of the website! From tried & true lesson plans to galleries of amazing artwork, there is no shortage of ideas to take into your own future classroom or personal studio!
  • There are always willing in-service & retired art educators willing to offer their insight, wisdom, and guidance also, never hesitate to reach out and contact them with questions!

So, with everything the organization is willing to do for us, how can we give back to it? Here are some ways:

  • Stay involved. We are the future of Art Education in Texas, so we need to be present, involved, and represented. Look for opportunities to volunteer in your region (VASE/Jr VASE). We have a strong interest in fresh, committed, motivated, and passionate eyes to participate in the judging process for our Texas students. Getting certified as a judge for VASE is a relatively simple process (with a bunch of AWESOME perks), but ensuring that the hard work of a talented student is judged fairly is truly its own reward! Also try to attend Council-At-Large meetings to witness and be a part of TAEA's future direction & endeavors!
  • Take some time to look over the TAEA Belief Statements and make sure that everything you feel is vital to the complete art education of Texas Students is addressed. Executive Leadership is ALWAYS open for a new perspective and willing to incorporate them! Also, think of where you would like to see TAEA in the next two years and share those ideas with the organization! TAEA is always looking for instructional content for the website, so if you have a unique technique or process that would be great to share, please submit a video or lesson plan write up!
  • Artwork for the Digital Gallery! Share your talents/passions with the organization! Let your work be an inspiration to artists at all levels statewide! It is important to remember that we are more than teachers. We are artists who teach and we serve as inspiration to all the young artists in Texas.

Don't forget to join our TAEA Student Division Facebook Page, 'Teach Art, They Said'. A little bit of humor, a little bit of knowledge, and a tremendous opportunity to network and strengthen the statewide community of future art educators!

TAEA Student division has both Twitter and Instagram! Be sure to follow both and tag the Student Division in your artistic endeavors, both in and out of the classroom!

Twitter: @TAEAStudent
IG: @TAEAStudent

I want to be as open as possible to all of you, so don't hesitate to email me with any questions or ideas. It is all appreciated!

Happy creating,

Shelby Johnson