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Keeping Your Eyes on Visual Arts in Texas High School

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Conference Info

We have a new format in place for your Conference Division Meetings. The Divisions will meet on Saturday from 3-5 pm in the Convention Center.

In addition to a business meeting, your division will highlight best practices in a Showcase format.

Door Prizes, Networking, New Ideas!!

Workshop Ideas and Topics

  • Innovative Still-life
  • Art One Lessons and Ideas
  • Sculpture and 3D Units
  • Strategies in AP
  • Strategies in VASE
  • Best Practices
  • Ideas for the New Teacher
  • Conceptual Ideas and Problems
  • Sketchbooks and Journaling
  • New Techniques or Exploration of Media
  • Alternative Surfaces or Media
  • Pre-AP Art Programs and Vertical Alignment
  • Elements and Principles: Design Problems

Advanced Placement Open Ended Lesson Plans

The Incredible Art Department website has generously posted many lesson plans for teachers to access. Recently they included a webpage devoted to Nicole Brisco's lesson plans and student examples. Also included is a sample concentration and student statement. If you are interested in new lesson plans for your classroom please visit the website listed below:

If you or anyone you know has lesson plans and example posted online. Please email with the information and we will include it on the TAEA website.