Event Type: YAM
Event Start: 3/1/2018
Event End: 3/31/2018

Celebrate Youth Art Month "Building Community through Art"

Youth Art Month is more than a state art exhibit of exceptional student works of art and a student designed flag. The month of March is the time to showcase visual art programs throughout schools, districts, communities and Texas.

March is designated as National Youth Art Month. It is recognized throughout the United States as an opportunity to celebrate and serve as an advocacy tool to promote the importance of student art in educating children as a whole. 

March is the official month to step up and promote your successes and exhibit your studentsí art within the community. Exhibits are held throughout the nation showcasing strong visual art programs from public and private educational facilities. The state of Texas promotes Youth Art Month celebrations utilizing community centers, educational service centers, local art associations, galleries, school districts, and individual classrooms as a vehicle to advocate the importance of the visual arts.

The growing acknowledgment of March as Youth Art Month in Texas has demonstrated support for the arts. Educational organizations such as the PTA and PTO, along with local and state officials presently participate and support the annual celebrations. Youth Art Month is? the single most important observance to advocate the strength of Texas visual art programs. 

Make your Local YAM count!