TAEA 2017 Book Study

2017 Book Study

Book #1 — Mindset: The New Psychology of Success

Author: Carol Dweck
Available on Amazon, through Half-Price Books, and at libraries
ISBN: 978-0-345-47232-8

Moderator: Samantha Melvin

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The first three TAEA members to sign up will receive a free copy of Mindset!

Kickoff: Monday, January 9th at 8-9pm on Google Hangout

Slow Chat: Monday to Sunday via Twitter using #taeamindset by responding to questions about each chapter that are shared in advance
Duration: January 9th-February 20th, 2017 with a final Google Hangout on Feb. 20th.

#taeamindset: allows participants to follow the thread of "conversation" between all participants and is included in every question and response

How do we participate in a slow chat?
First, create an account on Twitter. One can use a computer, or a smart phone.
Access http://www.twitter.com and create a username. Consider this as another way to advocate for your art classroom and your professional development, so design a name that perhaps represents what you do, or is simply a variation on your name. Explore how others post to Twitter by following @TXarted or @NAEA. Hashtags are a way of following a conversation by "tagging" which can be searched for in the search bar.

A slow chat is a Twitter chat that takes its time over the course of a week. In this case, questions about the chapter are launched on Sunday, using the #taeamindset. From Monday to Sunday, participants interact with the questions by responding based on their reading of the book, as well as by responding to others' posts. Questions are numbered: Q1, Q2, Q3 etc. and the responses (Answer) are likewise numbered: A1, A2, A3. For example, this would be a sample Twitter post: (limited by 140 characters!)

@TXarted #taeamindset Q1 What are some ways that you have motivated your students?
@smelvin #taeamindset A1 Giving students more choice about their process, discussion & time to prepare

All responses are aggregated using Storify and shared with participants each week.