President's Message

Suzy Greene

I am humbled and honored to be your new President. I have worked hard for this association over the past sixteen years and TAEA is a significant part of my heart.

Karri Clark, MaryLou Johnson, and Gretchen Bell, you each made this conference an outstanding experience for all who attended. ALL 1915!! To all who worked on the Galveston Conference-I say BRAVO. This was an outstanding conference with so many things to do that I wish I could have cloned myself. Thank you is just not enough to say so I give you a Standing Ovation, Exceeds Expectations, and true thanks from the heart!

To all TAEA Workshop Presenters-I heard so many great things about what you taught and did. HUGE thank you and Bravo to each of you. We as art teachers are so willing to share our talents, ideas, and skills with others-It makes me proud to say I am an ART Educator.

We are at the start of a great adventure. What we do together in these two years will affect the lives of so many art educators serving in different roles. We will help strengthen and expand our strong art education network to benefit all art education programs. It starts with you. Together we can continue what we started under Tim's Presidency to reach out, connect, and start conversations about how your leaders can help you. Here are a few of my goals.


We all need to respect each other-listen to all ideas, be willing to compromise, be open to new ideas and thoughts, then follow through.


Who inspired You?

Why did you follow the path you are on? It only takes one person to make another feel accepted, appreciated, and want to do more to inspire someone else. You, each of you, are that Inspiration and you need to step up, meet new people-collaborate and communicate.


I challenge you to reach into yourself as an educator and as a leader. Reach out to others, not just fellow art educators but your core teachers, administrators, students, parents, school board and your community.

How can You reach them?
How can You get them involved in what you are doing?
Do You know of art educators in your area that have no support?
How can You help?


This is so important.

Did you just hang art in your hall? Are you doing great things in your classroom? Then take pictures and send them to the parents and staff or invite them via email to stop by your room. Document what your students are doing-whether you are an art administrator, museum educator, private or public school teacher. Document what you do and send out communications to your principal, superintendent, school board members, parents and your local paper. Most schools require teachers to have a blog or Facebook page so make it a habit to keep this updated.

Remember the old saying "A picture is worth a thousand words."

Respect Inspire Reach Advocate

I feel honored to be working with each of you and please contact me whenever you have a question or need help. I am here to be part of the team.

Suzanne Greene
Texas Art Education Association